Hanaa Malallah and Linda Hurcombe met at the first workshop. Linda was struck by Hanaa’s use of archaeological references and her ‘ruins technique’ whilst Hanaa was interested in Linda’s experimental archaeological research with plant materials, so the two agreed to collaborate on some artwork for the second workshop. Each brought some ideas to the collaboration and over the course of a few days produced the artwork on show. This was greatly aided by the kind loan of the objects collected by Martin Bell from his years as a foreign correspondent. Elena Isayev facilitated much of this work by helping gather materials of all kinds.

Recent Submissions

  • Encasing 

    Hurcombe, Linda; Malallah, Hanaa (8 November 2010)
    Grenade case from Bosnia loaned by Martin Bell; soft field rush (Juncus effusis) from University of Exeter campus. The strong lines of the protective plastic casing suggested basketry. The plant chosen grows in wet places ...
  • Nest 

    Malallah, Hanaa; Hurcombe, Linda (8 November 2010)
    Casings from Vietnam 1972 and bullet (unknown) loaned by Martin Bell; basket made by Linda from Juncus effusis; water retted unspun flax fibres; kestrel skull loaned by Alan Outram; picture wire. Looking at baskets made ...