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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    31 December 2018Adsorptive Remediation of Heavy Atoms Contaminated Water Using Graphene Oxide: A Review  Tabish, TA; Memon, F; Hayat, H; et al.
    20 August 2018Biocompatibility and toxicity of graphene quantum dots for potential application in photodynamic therapy  Tabish, TA; Scotton, C; Ferguson, D; et al.
    2 May 2019Book review: Electron spin interactions in chemistry and biology, by Gertz Likhtenshtein  Tabish, TA
    2 May 2019Boron nitride nanoscrolls: structure, synthesis, and applications  Tabish, TA; Qayyum, S; Hayat, H; et al.
    22 November 2017Developing the next generation of graphene-based platforms for cancer therapeutics: The potential role of reactive oxygen species.  Tabish, TA; Zhang, S; Winyard, PG
    29 January 2018A facile synthesis of porous graphene for efficient water and wastewater treatment  Tabish, TA; Memon, F; Gomez, D; et al.
    6 March 2019Graphene oxide-based targeting of extracellular cathepsin D and cathepsin L as a novel anti-metastatic enzyme cancer therapy  Tabish, TA; Pranjol, MZI; Horsell, D; et al.
    11 July 2018Graphene-based materials: The missing piece in nanomedicine?  Tabish, TA
    15 May 2019Histopathological changes and antioxidant responses in common carp (Cyprinus carpio) exposed to copper nanoparticles  Noureen, A; Jabeen, F; Tabish, TA; et al.
    15 March 2018Influence of luminescent graphene quantum dots on trypsin activity  Tabish, TA; Pranjol, MZI; Karadag, I; et al.
    15 March 2018Influence of luminescent graphene quantum dots on trypsin activity  Tabish, TA; Pranjol, MZI; Karadag, I; et al.
    28 July 2018Investigation into the toxic effects of graphene nanopores on lung cancer cells and biological tissues  Tabish, TA; Pranjol, MZI; Jabeen, F; et al.
    16 May 2020Nanostructured porous graphene for efficient removal of emerging contaminants (pharmaceuticals) from water  Khalil, AMK; Memon, F; Tabish, TA; et al.
    12 March 2020Plasmonic Nanoassemblies: Tentacles Beat Satellites for Boosting Broadband NIR Plasmon Coupling Providing a Novel Candidate for SERS and Photothermal Therapy  Dey, P; Tabish, TA; Mosca, S; et al.
    26 July 2019Porous graphene – a potential sorbent for removing emerging contaminants from water  Khalil, AME; Memon, FA; Tabish, TA; et al.
    18 June 2020Smart Gold Nanostructures for Light Mediated Cancer Theranostics: Combining Optical Diagnostics with Photothermal Therapy  Tabish, TA; Dey, P; Mosca, S; et al.
    27 June 2019Spatially offset and transmission Raman spectroscopy for determination of depth of inclusion in turbid matrix.  Mosca, S; Dey, P; Tabish, TA; et al.
    6 May 2020Status and Future Directions of Anti-metastatic Cancer Nanomedicines for the Inhibition of Cathepsin L  Tabish, TA; Pranjol, MZI; Whatmore, JL; et al.
    24 March 2017Tracing the Bioavailability of Three-Dimensional Graphene Foam in Biological Tissues  Tabish, TA; Chabi, S; Ali, M; et al.