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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    17 April 2009The British Empire and the hajj 1865-1939  Slight, John
    17 April 2009British Policy and Reform of Madrasah Education in Bengal (1780-1947)  Al-Masum, Md. Abdullah
    17 April 2009Daniel of Morley, English seeker of Arab Wisdom in twelfth-century Toledo  Tolan, John
    17 April 2009English Brutes, Eastern Enlightenment  Landry, Donna
    17 April 2009From Mayfair to Mecca Lady Evelyn Cobbold’s pilgrimage in 1933  Facey, William
    17 April 2009Islam on the British Stage  Radouani, Jaouad
    17 April 2009‘Let the Muslim be my Master in Outward Things’. References to Islam in the Promotion of Religious Tolerance in Christian Europe  Abdul Haq Compier
    17 April 2009Manifesto for a New Translation of the Qur’an : The Politics of “Respect” and the End(s) of Orientalism  Elmarsafy, Ziad
    17 April 2009Muslim World in British Fictions of the Nineteenth Century  Irwin, Robert
    17 April 2009Muslims in the Media  Llewellyn, Tim
    17 April 2009On the Buses: Acceptance, Ambition & Assimilation. The Employment History of Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s Muslim Immigrants, 1960s-1990s  Hackett, Sarah
    17 April 2009Performance and Performing in Lady Mary Wortley Montagu’s Letters From the Embassy at Constantinople  Lock, Georgina
    17 April 2009Rather Turk than Pope! A Dutch Pirate’s Note on Religious Tolerance in Europe  Compier, Abdul Haq
    17 April 2009Reincarnating Palestinian Literature: British Modernism and the Birth of Al-Hadatha’  Masoud, Ahmed