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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2011Acts of Presence: performance, mediation and virtual reality (print article) AND ALSO Acts of Presence: Performing Presence | CAVE scenarios (DVD-ROM and web publication).  Giannachi, G; Kaye, Nick
    3 April 2017Adventures of an unromantic biographer  Hay, D
    17 September 2018The age of the Cambro-Britons: Hyphenated British identities in the seventeenth century  Schwyzer, PA
    29 January 2019Ann Petry’s Cakewalk: Domestic Workers and The New Yorker at Mid-Century  Moynihan, SB
    1 February 2013An Archipelagic Literature: Re-framing 'The New Nature Writing'  Smith, JJO
    14 March 2017Art and Visual Culture in Ivan Vladislavic's 'Portrait with Keys'  Poyner, J
    24 March 2019Art Spiegelman’s ‘Little Signs of Passion’ and the Emergence of Hard-Core Pornographic Feature Film  Williams, PG
    27 April 2015ArtMaps: A Technology for Looking at Tate's Collection  Giannachi, G; Sinker, R; Stack, J; et al.
    30 September 2016The Auteur Affect: "Forces of Encounter" between Shakespeare and Kurosawa in The Bad Sleep Well  Gee, FC
    2014'Beautiful White Girlhood'? Daisy Buchanan in Nella Larsen's 'Passing'  Moynihan, Sinéad
    2018Becoming-Witch: Narrating witchcraft in early modern English news pamphlets  Gibson, MH
    1 August 2018'Behindhand with their countrymen': Literary culture and economic decline in eighteenth-century Exeter  Crawford, JMU
    1 May 2018Ben Hecht's Hard-Boiled Decadence: The Flaneur as Reporter  Hext, K
    22 November 2017Bombay dreams and Bombay nightmares: Spatiality and Bollywood gangster film's urban underworld aesthetic  Stadtler, FCJ
    1 October 2015Breaches in a Battered Wall: Invasion, Spectatorship, and the Early Modern Stage  Preedy, CK
    23 October 2017Bristol Deaf Memories: archives, nostalgia and the loss of community space in the deaf community in Bristol  O'Brien, D; Stead, L; Nourse, N
    2019Broadcasting a Sinister ‘Jacobean’ Aesthetic from the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse: Sightlines, Camerawork and Websterian Dramaturgy in Ian Russell’s The Duchess of Malfi (BBC Four, 2014)  Aebischer, P
    2015Brutal games: Call of Duty and the cultural narrative of World War II  Ramsay, Debra
    17 October 2011Bulimic Beckett: food for thought and the archive of analysis  Salisbury, Laura
    2016By What Strange Channels: Nicholas Mosley's Literary Circuits  Foley, A