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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    17 May 2022Book review: Inside the Invisible: Memorialising Slavery and Freedom in the Life and Works of Lubaina Himid. Celeste-Marie Bernier, Alan Rice, Lubaina Himid, and Hannah Durkin, University of Liverpool Press, Liverpool 2019, 9781789620948  Rahman, S
    13 July 2019Book review: The Design Politics of the Passport: Materiality, Immobility, and Dissent. Mahmoud Keshavarz, Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2018. ISBN: 9781474289399.  Rahman, S
    1 March 2015'Correlation' als Signum der Moderne. Zu Gutzkows Fruehwerk mit besonderer Beruecksichtigung der "Beitraege zur Geschichte der neuesten Literaratur" (1836)  Vonhoff, Gert
    31 December 2020Dreams in the Novel. The Dream as mise-en-abîme in Jean Paul, Vladimir Nabokov, and W.G. Sebald  Schmidt, R
    30 November 2016Exhibiting negative feelings: writing a history of emotions in German history museums  Paver, CEM
    6 May 2019From the Westbahn to West Yorkshire: Quarry Hill Flats and the Internationalism of Red Vienna  Rahman, SK
    27 October 2014An Holistic Study of Structural Issues in Heine’s Romanzero  Routledge, Peter
    14 February 2019Ideal, Conflict, Destruction. Lovers' Dreams in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries (Wieland's Don Sylvio von Rosalva, Hoffmann's Die Elixiere des Teufels and Bachmann's Malina)  Schmidt, R
    1 March 2021Invoking Voids in the Archive  Rahman, S
    18 December 2017Karl Gutzkow: Novellen  Vonhoff, K
    30 November 2016Literarische Rechtsfälle und politische Legitimität: Zur Bedeutung der Diskrepanz zwischen dem Gesetz und seiner Anwendung bei Heinrich von Kleist und E.T.A. Hoffmann für die Konstituierung von nationaler Identität  Schmidt, R
    1 January 2018Lovers’ Dreams - the Path to Heaven or Hell. Anthropological assumptions and narratological functions of the dreams in E.T.A. Hoffmann's Das Gelübde and Prinzessin Brambilla  Schmidt, R
    1 January 2018Lovers’ Dreams – the Path to Heaven or Hell. The Janus-Face of Dreams and their Discursive Context in E.T.A. Hoffmann’s Das Gelübde and Prinzessin Brambilla  Schmidt, R
    13 May 2016Macht und Ohnmacht der Erziehung: Kleist im Kontext von Wieland und Schiller  Schmidt, Ricarda
    28 February 2019Nachttraum, Tagtraum und Rausch bei E.T.A. Hoffmann  Schmidt, R
    20 May 2019‘Out of All That Is Alive and Felt’: The Austrian Werkbund and the Design of Social Democracy  Rahman, S
    4 June 2020The potency of the butterfly: The reception of Richard B. Goldschmidt’s animal experiments in German sexology around 1920  Linge, I
    13 January 2016Reading Across Cultures: Global Narratives, Hotels and Railway Stations  Zitzlsperger, Ulrike C.
    5 February 2016The transmission of household objects from the National Socialist era to the present in Germany and Austria: a local conversation within a globalized discourse  Paver, CEM
    1 March 2016Wandel waehrend Immermanns Schaffenszeit. Von Uhlands "Wanderliedern" und Puettmanns "Wanderbildern"  Vonhoff, G