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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2011Autobiografía y autoría de mujer en el exilio  Capdevila-Argüelles, Nuria
    30 December 2020Autoras inciertas y «Cartasvivas»: #Nuestramemoria  Capdevila-Arguelles, N
    12 August 2020Book review: Dunja Fehimović and Rebecca Ogden (eds.), Branding Latin America: Strategies, Aims, Resistance (Lanham, MD, and London: Lexington, 2018)  Brown, K
    31 July 2019Book review: Francisco Fuster, Aire de familia: Historia íntima de los Baroja. Madrid: Cátedra. 2018  Murphy, KA
    1 October 2020Book review: Rich and Poor in Nineteenth-Century Spain: A Critique of Liberal Society in the Later Novels of Benito Pérez Galdós. By Inma Ridao Carlini.  Murphy, K
    2 February 2018Catholicism and the end of dictatorship in Portugal and Spain: convergences and contrasts  Thomas, MA
    1 July 2004A Cinema of Contradiction: Picazo's "La tía Tula" (1964) and the Nuevo Cine Español  Faulkner, Sally
    16 May 2022The contagious effects of rural violence: social pathologies and injured bodies in Blasco Ibáñez's La barraca (The cabin)  Murphy, K
    1 June 2022Contemporary Latin American narrative: national and transnational origins and destinations  Brown, K; Vera Tudela, ES
    1 September 2017Delayed Cinema and Feminist Discourse in Fernando Fernán-Gómez's El mundo sigue (1963/1965/2015)  Faulkner, S
    17 January 2020A Dominican, a Mathematician and Illegal Editions in Late-Seventeenth-Century Zaragoza  Bradbury, J
    13 August 2021El armario feminista español  Capdevila-Arguelles, N
    1 June 2022‘An elegant surpassing of the truth’: interrogating authenticity, authorship and the production of value in The Story of My Teeth  Brown, K
    2015Elena Fortún en la prensa: mujer, libertad y regeneración  Capdevila-Argüelles, Nuria
    2022An epidemic of apathy: Abulia and the language of pathology in Baroja's early fiction  Murphy, K
    22 January 2018Finding Galicia in Europe: European Travelogues of Early Galician Nationalists  Brown, K
    11 March 2019History and Poetry in Alonso de Castillo Solórzano’s Historia de Marco Antonio y Cleopatra (1639)  Bradbury, JD
    1 December 2020‘La herida de un hombre no es una novedad’: gender, violence and performance in Azul y no tan rosa  Brown, K
    2015Libros y revistas para las mujeres  Capdevila-Argüelles, Nuria
    1 October 2016Oculto sendero  Capdevila-Arguelles, N