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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 June 2015Back to the future in Arkanar: The Strugatskiis, Aleksei German Sr and the problem of injustice in Hard to Be a God  Maguire, Muireann
    2015Between ideology and literature: translation in the USSR during the Brezhnev period  Lygo, Emily
    2017Boris Slutskii: a poet, his time, and the canon  Hodgson, Katharine
    2017Breaking through the barriers of time in a space under siege: Olga Bergholz. ПРОРЫВАЯСЬ СКВОЗЬ БАРЬЕРЫ ВРЕМЕНИ И ПРОСТРАНСТВА ВО ВРЕМЯ БЛОКАДЫ: ОЛЬГА БЕРГГОЛЬЦ  Hodgson, Katharine
    1 December 2014Dostoevsky and the politics of parturition  Maguire, Muireann
    1 October 2005Heine's Russian Doppelgänger: Nineteenth-Century Translations of his Poetry  Hodgson, Katharine
    25 December 2015Literature as “a little bridge”: exchange between British and Soviet writers in the post-war period  Lygo, Emily
    2019'A Nihilist Kurort': Siberian Exile in the Victorian Imagination, c. 1830-1890  Phillips, BG
    1 October 2005Ol′ga Berggol′ts After the War: a Pre-Emptive Response to Zhdanov  Hodgson, K
    1 October 2005Ol′ga Berggol′ts After the War: a Pre-Emptive Response to Zhdanov  Hodgson, Katharine
    1 April 2013Promoting Soviet culture in Britain: the history of the Society for Cultural Relations Between the Peoples of the British Commonwealth and the USSR, 1924–45  Lygo, Emily
    29 September 2017Review of Badcock, Sarah. A prison without walls? Eastern Siberian exile in the last years of Tsarism  Phillips, BG
    8 April 2019Review of Henderson , Robert. Vladimir Burtsev and the struggle for a free Russia: a revolutionary in the time of Tsarism and Bolshevism  Phillips, BG
    31 July 2018Review of Patyk, Lynn Ellen. Written in blood: revolutionary terrorism and Russian literary culture, 1861–1881  Phillips, BG
    2013Telling tales: genre and narrative in post-Soviet poetry  Hodgson, Katharine
    2017The Thaw Generation Poets in the Post-Soviet Period  Lygo, EF
    2016Tolstoy and the Greek Teachers: The Presocratics and Socrates in Tolstoy’s Prose and Educational Writings  Maguire, Muireann
    30 April 2018Translation and the Cold War  Lygo, EF
    1 October 2012Two Post-Soviet Anthologies of the 1990s and the Russian Twentieth-Century Poetry Canon  Hodgson, Katharine