Recent Submissions

  • Extreme downside risk and market turbulence 

    Harris, RDF; Nguyen, L; Stoja, E (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2019)
    We investigate the dynamics of the relationship between returns and extreme downside risk in different states of the market by combining the framework of Bali, Demirtas, and Levy (2009) with a Markov switching mechanism. ...
  • The Role of the Office of Tax Simplification in the United Kingdom and Lessons for Other Countries 

    Zu, Y; Oats, L (Pretoria University Law Press, 2019)
    While simplicity is a desirable feature of a good tax system, simplification is more a slogan than a part of an actual policy agenda in many countries. Striking out on a different path, the UK has adopted an innovative ...
  • Natural capital accounting: revisiting the elephant in the boardroom 

    Jollands, SE; Burns, J; Milne, M (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), 1 April 2019)
    This research is motivated by a growing belief that natural capital accounting (NCA) can assist organisations in increasing their stewardship over the ecological elements they effect and in some cases control. However, ...
  • Debating banking in Britain: The Colwyn Committee, 1918 

    Billings, M; Mollan, S; Garnett, P (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 8 April 2019)
    By 1918 the British banking system had reached a degree of maturity and concentration, with a small number of large banks dominating the sector. Political concerns about the rise of financial power led to the appointment ...
  • “Breaking new ground”: The National Enterprise Board, Ferranti and Britain’s pre-history of privatization 

    Billings, M; Wilson, J (Cambridge University Press / Business History Conference, 2019)
    Privatization is closely associated with the ideological turn to neoliberalism and regarded as a cornerstone of Britain’s “Thatcherite project”. Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government did not undertake its major ...

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