Recent Submissions

  • Diversity effects in subjective probability judgment 

    Hadjichristidis, C; Geipel, J; Pillai, KG (Routledge, 9 November 2021)
    Previous research has shown that the judged probability of an event depends on whether its description mentions examples (“What is the probability that a randomly chosen Italian businessman will travel during the next month ...
  • Crisis? How small tourism businesses talk about COVID-19 and business change in the UK 

    Price, S; Wilkinson, T; Coles, T (Routledge, 8 January 2022)
    There has been much speculation about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism sector. Common narratives have variously depicted an unprecedented crisis, a time of opportunity for innovation and transformation ...
  • Use of a language intervention to reduce vaccine hesitancy 

    Geipel, J; Grant, LH; Keysar, B (Nature Research, 7 January 2022)
    Vaccine hesitancy is a major global challenge facing COVID-19 immunization programs. Its main source is low public trust in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. In a preregistered experimental study, we investigated ...
  • Gene drive communication: Exploring experts’ lived experience of metaphor use 

    Nerlich, B; Stelmach, A (Taylor & Francis, 12 January 2022)
    Metaphors have been crucial in making genetics and genomics public, from the code and the book of life to genetic scissors and gene surgery. A new field is emerging called ‘gene drive’ - a range of controversial technologies ...
  • A post-disciplinary perspective on e-tourism 

    Coles, T; Hall, CM; Duval, DT (Springer, 4 November 2021)
    Disciplines have traditionally been the building blocks of knowledge production, especially in higher education. In recent times though, more flexible approaches to production of knowledge beyond disciplines, in the context ...

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