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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 November 20183D Reconstruction of 'In-the-Wild' Faces in Images and Videos  Booth, J; Roussos, A; Ververas, E; et al.
    10 October 2022Accelerating Federated Learning with a Global Biased Optimiser  Mills, J; Hu, J; Min, G; et al.
    18 October 2016Accurate and generic sender selection for bulk data dissemination in low-power wireless networks  Zhao, Z; Dong, W; Bu, J; et al.
    1 May 2015Accurate range-free localization for anisotropic wireless sensor networks  Zhang, S; Liu, X; Wang, J; et al.
    12 April 2018Achieving New Upper Bounds for the Hypergraph Duality Problem through Logic  Gottlob, G; Malizia, E
    12 April 2018Achieving new upper bounds for the hypergraph duality problem through logic  Gottlob, G; Malizia, E
    3 December 2021Adaptive and Efficient Resource Allocation in Cloud Datacenters Using Actor-Critic Deep Reinforcement Learning  Chen, Z; Hu, J; Min, G; et al.
    29 November 2013Adaptive Locally Constrained Genetic Algorithm For Least-Cost Water Distribution Network Design  Johns, Matthew B.; Keedwell, Edward; Savic, Dragan
    22 May 2019Adversarial autoencoders with constant-curvature latent manifolds  Grattarola, D; Livi, L; Alippi, C
    5 June 2023AI and Blockchain Empowered Metaverse for Web 3.0: Vision, Architecture, and Future Directions  Zhang, X; Min, G; Li, T; et al.
    25 August 2018Alternative mechanisms for Gaia  Nicholson, AE; Wilkinson, DM; Williams, HTP; et al.
    4 January 2019An analysis of heuristic subsequences for offline hyper-heuristic learning  Yates, W; Keedwell, EC
    23 March 2017Analysis of the communities of an urban mobile phone network  Botta, F; Del Genio, CI
    7 February 2015An analysis of the interface between evolutionary algorithm operators and problem features for water resources problems. A case study in water distribution network design  McClymont, Kent; Keedwell, Edward; Savic, Dragan
    1 November 2015An Ant Colony Optimization and Tabu List Approach to the Detection of Gene-Gene Interactions in Genome-Wide Association Studies [Research Frontier]  Sapin, E; Keedwell, E; Frayling, T
    29 January 2019APCN: A Scalable Architecture for Balancing Accountability and Privacy in Large-scale Content-based Networks  Ma, Y; Wu, Y; Li, J; et al.
    30 March 2021Application of Metaheuristics in Signal Optimisation of Transportation Networks: A Comprehensive Survey  Jalili, S; Nallaperuma, S; Keedwell, E; et al.
    6 March 2021Application of multi-objective Bayesian shape optimisation to a sharp-heeled Kaplan draft tube  Daniels, SJ; Rahat, AAM; Tabor, GR; et al.
    11 May 2017Applied Gaussian Process in Optimizing Unburned Carbon Content in Fly Ash for Boiler Combustion  Wang, C; Liu, Y; Everson, R; et al.
    1 January 2019An approach for thematic relevance analysis applied to textual contributions in discussion forums  MacHado, CJR; MacIel, AMA; Rodrigues, RL; et al.