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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    15 February 2018Author attribution using network motifs  Rozz, YA; Menezes, R
    1 November 2006A Bayesian methodology for estimating uncertainty of decisions in safety-critical systems  Schetinin, Vitaly; Fieldsend, Jonathan E.; Partridge, Derek; et al.
    1 November 2006A Bayesian Methodology for Estimating Uncertainty of Decisions in Safety-Critical Systems  Schetinin, Vitaly; Fieldsend, Jonathan E.; Partridge, Derek; et al.
    23 February 2017Characterization of written languages using structural features from common corpora  Al Rozz, Y; Hamoodat, H; Menezes, R
    15 February 2018Complex networks reveal a glottochronological classification of natural languages  Hamoodat, H; Rozz, YA; Menezes, R
    19 April 2014Discrete Mereotopology  Galton, A
    1 March 2007Estimating Classification Uncertainty of Bayesian Decision Tree Technique on Financial Data  Schetinin, Vitaly; Fieldsend, Jonathan E.; Partridge, Derek; et al.
    9 March 2023Feature-based benchmarking of distance-based multi/many-objective optimisation problems: A machine learning perspective  Liefooghe, A; Verel, S; Chugh, T; et al.
    22 February 2020Gender Patterns of Human Mobility in Colombia: Reexamining Ravenstein's Laws of Migration  Macedo, M; Lotero, L; Cardillo, A; et al.
    12 September 2018Geometric Semantic Grammatical Evolution  Moraglio, A; McDermott, J; O'Neill, M
    4 July 2019Mining urban lifestyles: urban computing, human behavior and recommender systems  Xu, S; Di Clemente, R; González, MC
    29 May 2019Mobile Edge Computing for 5G Internet of Things  Huang, H; Miao, W; Min, G; et al.
    22 June 2017Model-based correction of segmentation errors in digitised histological images  Randell, DA; Galton, A; Fouad, S; et al.
    10 February 2006Multi-objective optimisation for receiver operating characteristic analysis  Everson, Richard M.; Fieldsend, Jonathan E.
    15 November 2007Multi-Objective Supervised Learning (book chapter)  Fieldsend, Jonathan E.; Everson, Richard M.
    22 February 2020Optimisation of Signal Timings in a Road Network  Nallaperuma, S; Jalili, S; Keedwell, E; et al.
    28 September 2009Optimising decision trees using multi-objective particle swarm optimisation  Fieldsend, Jonathan E.
    31 December 2004Optimizing forecast model complexity using multi-objective evolutionary algorithms  Fieldsend, Jonathan E.; Singh, Sameer
    2005Processes and events in dynamic geo-networks  Galton, AP; Worboys, M
    28 January 2014Radiation hydrodynamics simulations of massive star formation using Monte Carlo radiation transfer  Harries, TJ; Haworth, TJ; Acreman, D