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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    11 April 2019Analysing greenhouse ventilation using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)  Akrami, M; Javadi, A; Hassanein, M; et al.
    12 September 2019Analysing the performance of liquid cooling designs in cylindrical lithiumion batteries  Yates, M; Akrami, M; Javadi, A
    20 June 2019CFD analyses of a tidal hydro-turbine (THT) for utilising in sea water desalination  Khanjanpour, MH; Javadi, A; Akrami, M
    8 December 2018Failure-mode analysis of loose deposit slope in Ya'an-Kangding Expressway under seismic loading using particle flow code  Hou, J; Zhang, M; Chen, Q; et al.
    4 September 2019Integrated model for flood forecasting and river inundation in Taiwan  Dibaj, M; Chen, AS; Javadi, A; et al.
    8 July 2018Investigating Human Hip Dislocation Using a Three-Dimensional Finite Element Human Hip Model  Craig, K; Akrami, M; Javadi, A; et al.
    20 June 2019Investigating of the thermal performance of utilised materials for an Integrated Collector Storage Solar Water Heater  Khanjanpour, MH; Panahi, R; Javadi, A; et al.
    10 April 2019An investigation of a Ɣ-type MTD Stirling engine prototype  Khanjanpour, MH; Rahnama, M; Javadi, A; et al.
    12 June 2019Mechanical Properties of Calcareous Fly Ash Stabilised Soil  Turan, C; Javadi, A; Vinai, R; et al.
    4 September 2019Modelling of a novel Stand-Alone, Solar Driven Agriculture Greenhouse Integrated With Photo Voltaic /Thermal (PV/T) Panels  Salah, AH; Fath, HES; Negm, A; et al.
    29 January 2015Multi-objective Optimization of Different Management Scenarios to Control Seawater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers  Javadi, A; Hussain, M; Sherif, M; et al.
    11 April 2019Optimisation of a conceptual aircraft model using a genetic algorithm and 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)  Chan, LC; Akrami, M; Javadi, A; et al.
    4 September 2019A stand-alone Zero-Liquid-Discharge greenhouse model with rainwater harvesting capability  Porcheron, M; Akrami, M; Javadi, A; et al.
    10 July 2018A Subject-specific Three-dimensional Model of the Human Hand and Wrist  Flecther-Bott, KZ; Akrami, M; Javadi, A; et al.
    15 March 2019A three-dimensional finite element analysis of the human hip  Akrami, M; Craig, K; DIBAJ, M; et al.
    8 July 2018Towards a three-dimensional Finite Element model of the Knee Osteoarthritis  Thienkarochanakul, K; Javadi, A; Akrami, M; et al.
    10 July 2018Towards investigating the implications of joint incongruity on the elbow joint using a 3D image-based finite element modelling  Charnley, J; Akrami, M; Javadi, A; et al.