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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    11 May 2017Acoustoelectric Current in Graphene Nanoribbons  Poole, T; Nash, GR
    18 April 2018Acoustoelectric photoresponse of graphene nanoribbons  Poole, T; Nash, GR
    28 March 2016Boron nitride encapsulated graphene infrared emitters  Barnard, HR; Zossimova, E; Mahlmeister, NH; et al.
    1 January 2016Compact Broadband Terahertz Perfect Absorber Based on Multi-Interference and Diffraction Effects  Shi, C; Zang, XF; Chen, L; et al.
    6 June 2016Graphene–Metamaterial Photodetectors for Integrated Infrared Sensing  Luxmoore, IJ; Liu, PQ; Li, P; et al.
    2 August 2017A highly attenuating and frequency tailorable annular hole phononic crystal for surface acoustic waves  Ash, BJ; Worsfold, SR; Vukusic, P; et al.
    1 May 2017Liquid Crystal WDM filter in Si photonic crystal technology with individual channel fine-tuning capability  Faneca, J; Perova, T; Tolmachev, V; et al.
    6 December 2017Metamaterial-based graphene thermal emitter  Shi, C; Mahlmeister, N; Luxmoore, I; et al.
    16 December 2015Modulation characteristics of graphene-based thermal emitters  Mahlmeister, NH; Lawton, LM; Luxmoore, IJ; et al.
    28 February 2018Publisher’s Erratum to: Metamaterial-based graphene thermal emitter  Shi, C; Mahlmeister, NH; Luxmoore, IJ; et al.
    17 September 2014Strong coupling in the far-infrared between graphene plasmons and the surface optical phonons of silicon dioxide  Luxmoore, IJ; Gan, CH; Liu, PQ; et al.
    16 October 2018Surface nanobubbles on the carbonate mineral dolomite  Owens, CL; Schach, E; Rudolph, M; et al.
    20 April 2018Zeta potentials of the rare earth element fluorcarbonate minerals focusing on bastnäsite and parisite.  Owens, CL; Nash, GR; Hadler, K; et al.