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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2015Coordination of Groups Jumping to Popular Music Beats  Lefteris, G; Racic, Vitomir; Brownjohn, James; et al.
    2013Dynamic loading factors of individual jogging forces  Racic, Vitomir; Brownjohn, James; Pavic, Aleksandar
    23 December 2015Identification of mass–spring–damper model of walking humans  Shahabpoor, E; Pavic, Aleksandar; Racic, Vitomir
    27 January 2016Measuring Human-Induced Vibrations of Civil Engineering Structures via Vision-Based Motion Tracking  Zheng, F; Shao, L; Racic, Vitomir; et al.
    2009Number of successive cycles necessary to achieve stability of selected ground reaction force variables during continuous jumping.  Racic, Vitomir; Pavic, Aleksandar; Brownjohn, James
    9 December 2013Sensitivity analysis of coupled crowd-structure system dynamics to walking crowd properties  Shahabpoor, E; Pavic, Aleksandar; Racic, Vitomir
    1 October 2015Universal response spectrum procedure for predicting walking-induced floor vibration  Brownjohn, James; Racic, Vitomir; Jun, Chen