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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    3 May 20193D printing and its impact on anatomy teaching A case study of manufacturing human shoulder  Zamani, R; Totton, E; Edwards, S; et al.
    12 October 2021Assessing demographic access to hip replacement surgery in the United Kingdom: a systematic review  Ryan-Ndegwa, S; Zamani, R; Akrami, M
    2 December 2019The biomechanics of pregnancy: a systematic review  Conder, R; Akrami, M; Zamani, R
    22 May 2020A comparative analysis of a scoliosis case against a control using 3D printing and MRI based computational modelling  Bryars, JH; Zamani, R; Young, P; et al.
    19 March 2022Comparing the use of conventional and three-dimensional printing (3DP) in mandibular reconstruction  Truscott, A; Zamani, R; Akrami, M
    8 May 2021Critical evaluation of stents in coronary angioplasty: a systematic review  Stevens, JR; Zamani, A; Osborne, JIA; et al.
    19 December 2019The effectiveness of foot orthoses in the treatment of medial knee osteoarthritis: A systematic review  Zafar, A; Zamani, R; Akrami, M
    30 March 2020Finding a balance: A systematic review of the biomechanical effects of vestibular prostheses on stability in humans  Haxby, F; Akrami, M; Zamani, R
    22 May 2020Finite element analysis and comparison of human skulls using MRI driven 3D printing  O’ Leary, D; Zamani, R; Benattayallah, A; et al.
    23 April 2022Impact of heterotopic ossifcation following lumbar total disk replacement: a systematic review  Hood, C; Zamani, R; Akrami, M
    29 July 2021Investigating osteoarthritis in the human hip using three-dimensional finite element models  Osborne, JI; Zamani, R; Craig, K; et al.
    2 November 2020Machine learning in the prevention, diagnosis and management of diabetic foot ulcers: A systematic review  Tulloch, J; Akrami, M; Zamani, R
    22 May 2020Patient-Specific three-dimensional printing models for planning the human shoulder orthopaedic surgeries  Saeed, A; Edwards, S; Totton, E; et al.
    22 May 2020The role of MRI and 3D modelling of the mandible in assisting personalised reconstructive surgery  Howells, M; Zamani, R; Benattayallah, A; et al.
    11 October 2021Socio-Economic Disparities in Access to Diagnostic Neuroimaging Services in the United Kingdom: A Systematic Review  Karia, A; Zamani, R; Akrami, M
    3 July 2021Sustainable waste management of medical waste in African developing countries: A narrative review  Chisholm, JM; Zamani, R; Negm, AM; et al.
    22 May 2020Toward Three-dimensional pre-surgical printed models to assess anatomical and biomechanical differences between healthy and flat feet  Hoadley, S; Zamani, R; Benattayallah, A; et al.