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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    20 August 20182D material liquid crystal nanocomposites for optoelectronic and photonic devices  Hogan, B; Craciun, M; Baldycheva, A
    1 January 2015Advances in water mains network modelling for improved operations  Sophocleous, S; Savić, Dragan; Kapelan, Zoran; et al.
    2011Application of cellular automata approach for fast flood simulation  Ghimire, Bidur; Chen, Albert S.; Djordjevic, Slobodan; et al.
    4 June 2013Approximate pole-placement controller using inverse plant dynamics for floor vibration control  Nyawako, Donald S.; Reynolds, Paul; Hudson, Malcolm J.
    31 August 2021AQUA ≈ 360: Water for All - Emerging Issues and Innovations  Memon, FA; Sadr, SMK
    1 September 2018An assessment of per capita water consumption in Sirte, Libya  Memon, FA; Alharsha, I; Farmani, R
    1 January 2016Automatic generation of 3D unstructured high-order curvilinear meshes  Turner, M; Moxey, D; Sherwin, SJ; et al.
    13 July 2018Bayesian operational modal analysis of offshore rock lighthouses for SHM  Brownjohn, JMW; Au, S-K; Wang, X; et al.
    1 September 2020Bond graph based multiphysic modelling of anion exchange membrane water electrolysis cell  Sood, S; Bouamama, BO; Dieulot, J-Y; et al.
    2015Bridge live loading assessment and load carrying estimation using a health monitoring system and dynamic testing  Moyo, P; Brownjohn, James; Omenzetter, P
    4 September 2019Building urban flood resilience with rainwater management  Ahilan, S; Webber, J; Melville-Shreeve, P; et al.
    2012CADDIES: a new framework for rapid development of parallel cellular automata algorithms for flood simulation  Guidolin, Michele; Duncan, Andrew; Ghimire, B; et al.
    20 June 2019CFD analyses of a tidal hydro-turbine (THT) for utilising in sea water desalination  Khanjanpour, MH; Javadi, A; Akrami, M
    19 August 2019Challenges and research needs in life cycle analysis of building-integrated photovoltaic  Yan, X
    9 September 2021Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of tidal stream turbine blades  Walker, SRJ; Thies, PR; Johanning, L
    1 January 2015Comparison of info-gap and robust optimisation methods for integrated water resource management under severe uncertainty  Roach, Tom; Kapelan, Zoran; Ledbetter, Ralph
    2015Comparison of Multiple Approaches to Design and Testing  Cochrane, RC
    12 September 2016A Computational Tool for the Pro-Active Management of Offshore Farms  Rinaldi, G; Thies, P; Johanning, L; et al.
    1 January 2015Computing and control for the water industry (CCWI2015)  Ulanicki, B; Kapelan, Zoran; Janus, T; et al.
    20 August 2018Coupled modelling of a non-linear wave energy converter and hydraulic PTO  Worden Hodge, C; Bateman, W; Yuan, Z; et al.