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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    8 June 2016Flood risk assessment using a novel exposure-vulnerability matrices approach  Naso, S; Chen, AS; Aronica, GT; et al.
    2016Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Powered WSN for Aircraft Structural Health Monitoring  Somov, A; Chew, ZJ; Ruan, T; et al.
    28 February 2018Publisher’s Erratum to: Metamaterial-based graphene thermal emitter  Shi, C; Mahlmeister, NH; Luxmoore, IJ; et al.
    7 May 2015Reflections of a Water Professional: Essays in the Philosophy of Engineering  Ward, Sarah
    12 April 2015What if quality of damage data is poor: an exposure-vulnerability approach for flood vulnerability assessment  Naso, S; Chen, AS; Djordjevic, S; et al.