Recent Submissions

  • Computational models of auditory perception from feature extraction to stream segregation and behavior 

    Rankin, J; Rinzel, J (Elsevier, 19 July 2019)
    Audition is by nature dynamic, from brainstem processing on sub-millisecond time scales, to segregating and tracking sound sources with changing features, to the pleasure of listening to music and the satisfaction of getting ...
  • On the Love Affair between Computing and Maths 

    Wingate, BA (Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, 1 August 2017)
    The 2017 IMA Lighthill Lecture, was given by Professor Beth Wingate at the British Applied Mathematics Colloquium, University of Surrey. The lecture is given in memory of Sir James Lighthill, founder President of the ...
  • Parareal Convergence for Oscillatory PDEs with Finite Time-scale Separation 

    Peddle, A; Haut, T; Wingate, B (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2019)
    A variant of the Parareal method for highly oscillatory systems of PDEs was proposed by Haut and Wingate (2014). In that work they proved superlinear conver- gence of the method in the limit of infinite time scale separation. ...
  • Modelling 3D magnetic networks in a realistic solar atmosphere 

    Gent, FA; Snow, B; Fedun, V; et al. (Oxford University Press (OUP) / Royal Astronomical Society, 2019)
    The magnetic network extending from the photosphere (solar radius ≃ R☉ ) to lower corona (R☉ + 10Mm) plays an important role in the heating mechanisms of the solar atmosphere. Here we further develop the models with ...
  • Weak Chimeras in Modular Electrochemical Oscillator Networks 

    Ocampo-Espindola, JL; Bick, C; Kiss, IZ (Frontiers Media, 31 July 2019)
    We investigate the formation of weak chimera states in modular networks of electrochemical oscillations during the electrodissulution of nickel in sulfuric acid. In experiment and simulation, we consider two globally coupled ...

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