Recent Submissions

  • Convective Organization and Eastward Propagating Equatorial Disturbances in a Simple Excitable System 

    Vallis, GK; Penn, J (Wiley / Royal Meteorological Society, 25 March 2020)
    We describe and illustrate a mechanism whereby convective aggregation and eastward propagating equatorial disturbances, similar in some respects to the Madden--Julian oscillation, arise. We construct a simple, explicit ...
  • Hierarchical modeling of solar system planets with Isca 

    Thomson, SI; Vallis, GK (MDPI, 12 December 2019)
    We describe the use of Isca for the hierarchical modeling of Solar System planets, with particular attention paid to Earth, Mars, and Jupiter. Isca is a modeling framework for the construction and use of models of planetary ...
  • Skew Braces of Squarefree Order 

    Alabdali, AA; Byott, NP (World Scientific Publishing, 2020)
    Let n ≥ 1 be a squarefree integer, and let M, A be two groups of order n. Using our previous results on the enumeration of Hopf-Galois structures on Galois extensions of fields of squarefree degree, we determine the ...
  • Tadpole VR: virtual reality visualization of a simulated tadpole spinal cord 

    Varga, MN; Merrison-Hort, R; Watson, P; et al. (Springer Verlag, 14 March 2020)
    Recent advances in “developmental” approach (combining experimental study with computational modeling) of neural networks produce increasingly large data sets, in both complexity and size. This poses a significant challenge ...
  • A population model of deep brain stimulation in movement disorders From circuits to cells 

    Yousif, N; Bain, PG; Nandi, D; et al. (Frontiers Media, 5 March 2020)
    For more than 30 years, deep brain stimulation (DBS) has been used to target the symptoms of a number of neurological disorders and in particular movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease (PD) and essential tremor ...

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