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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 December 1995Designing an 'Outphaser'  Gibson, ADW
    1 March 2015Determining the Photographic Guide Number of an LED  Gibson, ADW
    1 December 2006A Digital Class-D Single-Sideband Transmitter  Naylor, G; Gibson, ADW
    1 December 2014How Earth-Current Antennas Really Work  Gibson, ADW
    25 July 2019Impedance-Balancing Rule for Op-Amps  Gibson, ADW
    1 September 2019The Inductance of a Wire Hoop  Gibson, ADW
    1 March 2012Loop Antennas v. Ferrite Rods: A Case Study  Gibson, ADW
    1 June 2008Novel Cave Radio Antenna uses Small Ceramic Tiles  Gibson, ADW
    1 September 2019The Radiation Efficiency of a Small Loop Antenna  Gibson, ADW
    1 June 2016Radio Propagation in Standedge Tunnel  Gibson, ADW
    1 September 2006Remote Data Logging with Cell-Phones and the Internet  Gibson, ADW
    1 March 2016Signal Phase Cannot Be Determined from a Fourier Transform of Sampled Data  Gibson, ADW
    1 June 2015Stereoscopic Vision with Reduced Definition in One Eye  Gibson, ADW
    24 April 2019Ultrasonic inspection of flooded mineshafts for stability monitoring  Bedford, M; Gibson, ADW; Coggan, J; et al.
    1 June 2015Using AMSS on BBC Radio 4 to Send Data to Subsurface Locations  Gibson, ADW
    1 March 2014Using Dispersion to Measure Ground Conductivity  Gibson, ADW