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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 October 19963-D Vector Processing of Magnetometer and Inclinometer Data  Gibson, D.
    26 June 201540Ar/39Ar phlogopite geochronology of lamprophyre dykes in Cornwall, UK: new age constraints on Early Permian post-collisional magmatism in the Rhenohercynian Zone, SW England  Dupuis, Nicolle E.; Braid, James A.; Murphy, J. Brendan; et al.
    31 January 2007Access and safety at geological sites: a manual for landowners, quarry operators and the geological visitor  Scott, P.W.; Nicholas, Clive; Turner, Helen; et al.
    6 June 2021Accounting for benefits from natural capital: Applying a novel composite indicator framework to the marine environment  Stebbings, E; Hooper, T; Austen, MC; et al.
    2012Addressing failure rate uncertainties of marine energy converters  Thies, Philipp R.; Smith, George H.; Johanning, Lars
    29 September 2017Age and petrogenesis of the Lundy granite: Paleocene intraplate peraluminous magmatism in the Bristol Channel, UK  Charles, J-H; Whitehouse, MJ; Andersen, JC; et al.
    1 February 1997Alteration and vein mineralisation within the Lizard complex, south Cornwall: Constraints on the timing of serpentinisation.  Power, M.R.; Shail, RK; Alexander, A.C.; et al.
    5 May 2020Analysis of velocity and acceleration trends using slope stability radar to identify failure ‘signatures’ to better inform deformation trigger action response plans  Shellam, R; Coggan, J
    16 April 2020An analytical indoor experimental study on the effect of soiling on PV, focusing on dust properties and PV surface material  Chanchangi, YN; Ghosh, A; Sundaram, S; et al.
    19 July 2021Angular dependencies of soiling loss on photovoltaic performance in Nigeria  Chanchangi, YN; Ghosh, A; Sundaram, S; et al.
    29 January 2019Apatite enrichment by rare earth elements: A review of the effects of surface properties  Owens, CL; Nash, GR; Hadler, K; et al.
    18 April 2015Application of an integrated geotechnical and topographic monitoring system in the Lorano marble quarry (Apuan Alps, Italy)  Salvini, R; Vanneschi, C; Riccucci, S; et al.
    26 June 2016Application of discrete fracture networks (DFN) in the stability analysis of Delabole Slate Quarry, Cornwall, UK  Havaej, M; Stead, D; Coggan, JS; et al.
    1 January 2016Application of near infrared sensors to preconcentration of hydrothermally-formed copper ore  Iyakwari, Shekwonyadu; Glass, Hylke J.; Rollinson, Gavyn K.; et al.
    22 August 2019Application of Remote Sensing Data for Evaluation of Rockfall Potential within a Quarry Slope  Robiati, C; Eyre, M; Vanneschi, C; et al.
    22 January 2014Application of RQD-Number and RQD-Volume multifractal modelling to delineate rock mass characterisation in Kahang Cu-Mo porphyry deposit, central Iran.  Yasrebi, AB; Wetherelt, A; Foster, PJ; et al.
    25 June 2020Application of unmanned aerial vehicle data and discrete fracture network models for improved rockfall simulations  Francioni, M; Antonaci, F; Sciarra, N; et al.
    25 October 2018Applying and advancing the economic resource scarcity potential (ESP) method for rare earth elements  Wall, F; Pell, R; Yan, X; et al.
    14 December 2018Applying Fréchet distance to evaluate the discrepancy of product size distribution between single particle and monolayer multi-particle breakage  Yu, P; Xie, W; Liu, LX; et al.
    1 January 2013Arctic ocean benthic foraminiferal faunal change associated with the onset of perennial sea ice in the Middle Miocene  Kender, S; Kaminski, MA