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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2002A Channel Sounder for Low-Frequency Sub-Surface Radio Paths  Gibson, D.; Darnell, Michael
    2011From the macroscopic to the microscopic: some scientific insights  Srinivasan, Sharada; Ranganathan, S.; Andersen, Jens; et al.
    1 January 2017Introduction to redox-reactive minerals in natural systems and clean technologies  Ahmed, IAM; Hudson-Edwards, KA
    2000Jurassic sequences of the Hebrides Basin, Isle of Skye, Scotland.  Hesselbo, Stephen P.; Coe, AL
    2015Mineralogical report on ceramics  Andersen, Jens; Dawson, David; Rollinson, G.K.
    21 September 2016A natural laboratory for critical metals investigations in the Mourne Mountains granites  Moore, KR; Moles, NR; Lusty, PAJ
    1 January 2017Role of redox-reactive minerals in the reuse and remediation of mine wastes  Hudson-Edwards, KA; Kossoff, D
    2017The ups and downs of volcanic unrest: Insights from integrated geodesy and numerical modelling  Hickey, J; Gottsmann, J; Mothes, P; et al.
    2016Visualisation, quantitative mineralogy and matrix-inclusion separation of pottery using QEMSCAN: examples of medieval and post-medieval pottery from Somerset  Andersen, Jens; Rollinson, Gavyn K.; Dawson, David