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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    26 June 2016Application of discrete fracture networks (DFN) in the stability analysis of Delabole Slate Quarry, Cornwall, UK  Havaej, M; Stead, D; Coggan, JS; et al.
    18 November 2018Common problems - and progress towards solutions - in the process mineralogy of rare earths  Wall, F
    2013Component reliability testing for wave energy converters: Rationale and implementation  Thies, Philipp R.; Johanning, Lars; Gordelier, Tessa
    20 April 2017The Critical West: raw materials and rare earths  Wall, F; Owens, C
    1 January 2013Distribution of critical metals in biotite and Li mica granite from Cornwall, UK  Simons, BS; Andersen, JCO; Shail, RK
    1 October 2012Durability of synthetic mooring lines for ocean energy devices  Weller, S.D.; Davies, P.; Thies, Philipp R.; et al.
    14 June 2016Geometallurgy: driving innovation in the mining value chain  Glass, HJ
    2009Is it a showstopper? Reliability assessment and criticality analysis for Wave Energy Converters  Thies, Philipp R.; Flinn, Jonathan; Smith, George H.
    1996Is there gold mineralization associated with the Carrick thrust?  Camm, G.S.; Shail, RK; Parkinson, S.T.; et al.
    2012Lifecycle fatigue load spectrum estimation for mooring lines of a floating marine energy converter  Thies, Philipp R.; Johanning, Lars; Smith, George H.
    1999Low-cost Implementation of a Speech Compression System  Gibson, D.
    2011Offshore reliability approach for floating renewable energy devices  Johanning, Lars; Thies, Philipp R.; Parish, D; et al.
    1 May 2017Optimising multivariate variographic analysis with information from multivariate process data modelling (partial least squares)  Dehaine, Q; Filippov, L; Glass, HJ
    1 June 2013Physical component testing to simulate dynamic marine load conditions  Thies, Philipp R.; Johanning, Lars; Gordelier, Tessa; et al.
    1 May 2017Plastics recycling and sampling  Glass, HJ; Dominy, SC
    1 October 2015Remediation of a hazardous legacy slope face using pre-split blasting  Keverne, B.; Howe, J.H.; Pascoe, D.M.; et al.
    19 April 2018Smart Recovery of Cobalt as a By-Product of Primary Copper Extraction: Geometallurgical ore-type classification using FTIR spectroscopy  Dehaine, Q; Tijsseling, L; Glass, HJ