Recent Submissions

  • Tin and Bronze Production at the Outeiro de Baltar Hillfort (NW Iberia) 

    Figueiredo, E; Rodrigues, A; Fonte, J; et al. (MDPI, 15 June 2022)
    Findings of Iron Age metallurgical activities related to tin metal and mining are very rare. In the present work, we present a detailed study of the Outeiro de Baltar hillfort, dated to the Late Iron Age/Early Roman period, ...
  • South-to-north migration preceded the advent of intensive farming in the Maya region 

    Kennett, DJ; Lipson, M; Prufer, KM; et al. (Nature Research, 22 March 2022)
    The genetic prehistory of human populations in Central America is largely unexplored leaving an important gap in our knowledge of the global expansion of humans. We report genome-wide ancient DNA data for a transect of ...
  • Lidar reveals pre-Hispanic low-density urbanism in the Bolivian Amazon. 

    Prümers, H; Betancourt, CJ; Iriarte, J; et al. (Nature Research, 25 May 2022)
    Archaeological remains of agrarian-based, low-density urbananism1-3 have been reported to exist beneath the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka and Central America4-6. However, beyond some large interconnected ...
  • Production of parchment legal deeds in England, 1690–1830 

    Doherty, SP; Henderson, S (Oxford University Press, 2022)
    Biomolecular analysis of historic legal documents is providing new insight into their production and use. Successful interpretation of this data is dependent on understanding if the location and date written on the document ...
  • Big-data projects: English landscapes and identities 

    Rippon, S (Cambridge University Press / Antiquity Publications, 10 March 2022)
    This review considers two books outlining the results of a major big-data project in England that sought to make sense of the growing amount of information from developer-funded archaeology, the reporting of finds to the ...

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