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Recent Submissions

  • Training as Vocal Archaeology 

    Thomaidis, K (Routledge, 12 April 2021)
    This blog entry for the academic blog Theatre, Dance and Performance Training outlines the first stages of research of the project 'Listening Back: Towards an Archaeology of 5th-century BCE Greek Theatre' and proposes voice ...
  • Economy, ancient, approaches to 

    Morley, N (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2021)
    The Greeks and Romans did not develop a concept of ‘the economy’ or discuss economic matters at any length; the study of the ancient economy therefore began only in the late 18th century, in parallel with the developing ...
  • Sexing the Archive: Queer Porn and Subcultural Histories 

    Florencio, J; Miller, B (Duke University Press, 2021)
    Pornography’s tricky ontology, one that hovers between registers of documentary and fantasy, poses challenges to its use as a source in the writing of queer histories. That, combined with the genre’s explicit content and ...
  • Hidden Florence Analytics Reports 2017-18 

    Mosconi, C; Nevola, F (University of Exeter, 18 March 2018)
    This report looks at the data available for the app Hidden Florence for the period between 8th January 2017 and 31st January 2018. The report is divided into three main sections: Section 1 is an historical overview of ...

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