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Recent Submissions

  • The French Library of John and Joséphine Bowes 

    Illingworth, JR (French Studies Library Group, 1 December 2017)
  • Tombe e necropoli a Roma e dintorni 

    Borg, BE (Electa, 1 October 2018)
  • Stigma and Fear: the 'Psy Professional' in Cultural Artifacts 

    Hopson, J (Wiley / British Association of Psychotherapists, 2019)
    The loss of reason called madness provokes perhaps the greatest human fear, for it is reason that dignifies humanity and separates us from beasts. The ‘psy professionals’ - those who prescribe and administer treatments ...
  • Claudia Rankine, Friedrich Nietzsche, and the Untimely Present 

    Foley, A (University of Nebraska Press, 28 November 2018)
    I propose over the course of this essay that Claudia Rankine’s poetry re-envisions Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy of life, particularly his notion that life emerges from a willful forgetting. For Rankine, 'the condition ...
  • The Smoke of War: From Tamburlaine to Henry V 

    Preedy, CK (Taylor & Francis for British Shakespeare Association, 2019)
    Early in Tamburlaine Part 1, Marlowe’s protagonist promises that his army’s bullets, “[e]nrolde in flames and fiery smouldering mistes”, will occupy the heavens (2.3.20). Uniting the technological with the supernatural, ...

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