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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    13 April 2017Artificial light at night alters grassland vegetation species composition and phenology (dataset)  Bennie, J; Davies, TW; Cruse, D; et al.
    6 February 2019Assessing the impact of peat erosion on growing season CO2 fluxes by comparing erosional peat pans and surrounding vegetated haggs (dataset)  Gatis, NL; Benaud, P; Ashe, J; et al.
    11 September 2019Calcium carbonate production by fish in temperate marine environments (dataset)  Salter, M; Perry, C; Smith, A
    28 August 2017Do regional aerosols contribute to the riverine export of dissolved black carbon? (dataset)  Jones, Matthew William
    7 October 2020Drain blocking has limited short-term effects on greenhouse gas fluxes in a Molinia caerulea dominated shallow peatland (dataset)  Gatis, N; Luscombe, D; Benaud, P; et al.
    13 May 2019Environmental Controls on the Riverine Export of Dissolved Black Carbon (dataset)  Jones, M; Aragão, LEOC; Dittmar, T; et al.
    30 June 2021An experimental and numerical approach to modeling large wood displacement in rivers (dataset)  Panici, D
    29 June 2022Geo-ecological functions provided by coral reef fishes vary among regions and impact reef carbonate cycling regimes (dataset)  Perry, C; Salter, M; Lange, I; et al.
    4 June 2018Health in fishing communities: A global perspective (dataset)  Woodhead, Anna; Turner, Rachel; Abernethy, Kirsten; et al.
    1 October 2020Interhabitat Variability in Parrotfish Bioerosion Rates and Grazing Pressure on an Indian Ocean Reef Platform (dataset)  Yarlett, R; Perry, C; Wilson, RW; et al.
    13 November 2018Late Holocene sea-level changes in eastern Québec and potential drivers (dataset)  Barnett, RL; Bernatchez, P; Garneau, M; et al.
    31 July 2019Longitudinal print imagery raw newspaper metadata  O'Neill, S
    16 January 2019Model derived uncertainties in deep ocean temperature trends between 1990-2010 (dataset)  Garry, FK; McDonagh, E; Blaker, A; et al.
    19 August 2020Non-linear landscape and cultural response to sea-level rise (datasets)  Barnett, R; Charman, DJ; Johns, C; et al.
    18 October 2021Quantifying production rates and size fractions of parrotfish-derived sediment: a key functional role on Maldivian coral reefs (dataset)  Yarlett, R; Perry, C; Wilson, RW
    4 March 2020A quick, easy and non-invasive method to quantify coral growth rates using photogrammetry and 3D model comparisons (dataset)  Lange, I; Perry, C
    9 March 2022Recovery trends of reef carbonate budgets at remote coral atolls six years post-bleaching (dataset)  Lange, I; Perry, C; Stuhr, M
    27 June 2018Reef fish carbonate production assessments highlight regional variation in sedimentary significance (dataset)  Salter, MA; Perry, C; Stuart-Smith, RD; et al.
    27 September 2016A sensitivity analysis of the impact of rain on regional and global sea-air fluxes of CO2 (dataset)  Ashton, IGC; Shutler, JD; Land, PE; et al.
    3 March 2021Short- and long-term carbon emissions from oil palm plantations converted from logged tropical peat swamp forest (dataset)  McCalmont, J; Kho, LK; Teh, YA; et al.