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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    13 April 2017Artificial light at night alters grassland vegetation species composition and phenology (dataset)  Bennie, J; Davies, TW; Cruse, D; et al.
    6 February 2019Assessing the impact of peat erosion on growing season CO2 fluxes by comparing erosional peat pans and surrounding vegetated haggs (dataset)  Gatis, NL; Benaud, P; Ashe, J; et al.
    11 September 2019Calcium carbonate production by fish in temperate marine environments (dataset)  Salter, M; Perry, C; Smith, A
    28 August 2017Do regional aerosols contribute to the riverine export of dissolved black carbon? (dataset)  Jones, Matthew William
    13 May 2019Environmental Controls on the Riverine Export of Dissolved Black Carbon (dataset)  Jones, M; Aragão, LEOC; Dittmar, T; et al.
    4 June 2018Health in fishing communities: A global perspective (dataset)  Woodhead, Anna; Turner, Rachel; Abernethy, Kirsten; et al.
    13 November 2018Late Holocene sea-level changes in eastern Québec and potential drivers (dataset)  Barnett, RL; Bernatchez, P; Garneau, M; et al.
    31 July 2019Longitudinal print imagery raw newspaper metadata  O'Neill, S
    16 January 2019Model derived uncertainties in deep ocean temperature trends between 1990-2010 (dataset)  Garry, FK; McDonagh, E; Blaker, A; et al.
    27 June 2018Reef fish carbonate production assessments highlight regional variation in sedimentary significance (dataset)  Salter, MA; Perry, C; Stuart-Smith, RD; et al.
    27 September 2016A sensitivity analysis of the impact of rain on regional and global sea-air fluxes of CO2 (dataset)  Ashton, IGC; Shutler, JD; Land, PE; et al.
    17 September 2018Tracking fine-scale structural changes in coastal dune morphology using kite aerial photography and uncertainty-assessed Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry (dataset)  Duffy, James P.; Shutler, Jamie D.; Witt, Matthew J.; et al.