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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 December 2018The Bristol Hearth Tax 1662-1673  Leech, RH; Barry, J; Brown, A; et al.
    1 December 2010Charles Wesley’s Family and the Musical Life of Bristol  Barry, J
    1 January 2005Chatterton, More and Bristol cultural life in the 1760s  Barry, J
    1 December 2010Communicating with authority: the uses of speech, script and print in Bristol, 1640-1714  Barry, J
    19 March 2018The ‘Compleat Physician’ and Experimentation in Medicines: Everard Maynwaring (c.1629-1713) and the Restoration Debate on Medical Practice in London  Barry, J
    2015Constituencies and Interests: An Afterword  Barry, J
    1 December 2012The Diary of William Dyer: Bristol in 1762  Barry, J
    8 August 2019Educating physicians in seventeenth-century England  Barry, J
    1 January 2006Entries for 'Keith Thomas', 'Richard Bovet', Joseph Glanvill', 'Somerset Witches', 'John Wesley'  Barry, J
    1 January 2001Hell upon Earth or the Language of the Playhouse  Barry, J
    31 December 2018John Houghton and Medical Practice in London c. 1700  Barry, J
    3 January 2018Lynda Payne . The Best Surgeon in England: Percivall Pott, 1713–88. American University Studies, Series 9, Vol. 205  Barry, J
    17 October 2017News from the Invisible World: The Publishing History of Tales of the Supernatural c.1660-1832  Barry, J
    11 December 2018The organisation of burial places in post-medieval English cities: Bristol and Exeter c. 1540-1850  Barry, J
    15 April 2008The politics of Pandaemonium  Barry, J
    6 April 2020“A provincial enlightener”: Andrew Hooke of Bristol, Whig writer and newspaper proprietor in the reign of George II  Barry, J
    1 January 2017Religious Ministry in Bristol 1603-1689: Uniformity to Dissent  Harlow, J; Barry, J
    2018Review of Daniel C. Beaver (ed.), The Account Book of the Giles Geast Charity, Tewkesbury, 1558-1891 Gloucestershire Record Series 31 (BGAS 2017)  Barry, J
    1 April 2018Robert Goadby, the Sherborne Mercury and the urban renaissance in south-west England  Barry, J; Tatham, G