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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 December 20202019 Labour History Review Essay Prize Winner: Navigating deindustrialization in 1970s Britain: the closure of Bilston Steel Works and the politics of work, place, and belonging  Beebee, M
    2008Absoluimus uos uice beati petri apostolorum principis. Episcopal authority and the reconciliation of excommunicants in England and Frankia c. 900-c.1050  Hamilton, Sarah
    20 July 2021“Absolutely nothing is so important for a nation’s culture as its language” (Wilhelm von Humbolt): The Cornish language in formal education  Broadhurst, K
    24 January 2018Accounting for Men’s Work: Multiple Employments and Occupational Identities in Early Modern England  Paul, KW
    1 September 2006"The Act of Copulation being Ordain'd by nature as the ground of all Generation": fertility and the representation of sexual pleasure in seventeenth century pornography in England  Toulalan, Sarah
    1 December 2000Aether  Noakes, Richard
    26 February 2018After Peter Burke: the popularity of ancient historians, 1450-1600  Cox Jensen, F
    19 July 2019The Afterlife of the Ostend Company, 1727-1745  Dreijer, G
    4 May 2015Afterword  Fusaro, M
    31 October 2019An Age of Promises: British election manifestos and addresses 1900-1997  Thackeray, D; Toye, R
    28 February 2023Ageing and Loneliness in England, c. 1500-1800  Berry, H; Foyster, E
    1 June 2017Agents of empire: knights, corsairs, Jesuits, and spies in the sixteenth-century Mediterranean world  Fusaro, M
    1 May 2005'...All was hushed up': the hidden Trafalgar  Duffy, Michael
    15 September 2014The Amherst Embassy and British Discoveries in China  Hao, G
    10 December 2015Among Ghosts and Tigers: The Chinese in the White Terror  Lin, YR
    10 December 2020Ancient histories of Rome in Sixteenth-century England: a reconsideration of their printing and circulation  Cox Jensen, F
    8 June 2017"And Those Who Live, How Shall I Tell Their Fame?" Historical Pageants, Collective Remembrance and the First World War 1919-1939  Tupman, CML; Freeman, M; Bartie, A; et al.
    1 December 1987An Anglo-Saxon fragment of Justinus's Epitome  Crick, Julia
    17 January 2007Antifascism, the 1956 Revolution and the politics of communist autobiographies in Hungary 1944-2000  Mark, James
    3 September 2021The Antirevolutionary Commemoration: The Centenary of 1917 in Russia  Rendle, M; Lively, A