Recent Submissions

  • Interviews in Lebanon 

    Elwell, M (University of Exeter, 28 May 2019)
    The zip file contains all the interviews used for the Doctoral thesis "Existential Religiosity, Individuality, and Theosis in the Thought of Bishop George Khodr".
  • The First Intifada, Settler Colonialism and Contemporary Prospects for Collective Resistance 

    Naser-Najjab, N; Khatib, G (Middle East Institute, 2019)
    This article engages with the views of prominent leaders from the First Intifada with the intention of evaluating if a Palestinian uprising is conceivable under existing circumstances. It provides an insight into the ...
  • Adaptation of heritage architecture in Al Asmakh, Doha: insights into an urban environment of the Gulf 

    Kahraman, G; Carter, R (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 3 June 2019)
    This paper examines the continuing legacy and occupation of Doha’s vernacular architecture of the early oil period, drawing on techniques from architecture, contemporary archaeology and anthropology. Historical and ...
  • The Proof of the Veracious: Situating Mullā Ṣadrā’s Argument for the Existence of God 

    Al Lawati, R (University of Exeter College of Social Sciences & International Studies, 11 March 2019)
    The aim of this thesis is to analyse the development of the proof of the veracious in Muslim philosophy, from its early formulation in Ibn Sīnā’s notion of the judgement of the veracious to its evolution in Mullā Ṣadrā’s ...
  • The lexical violence of imperial culture 

    Gallois, W (Taylor & Francis, 12 April 2018)
    This article studies the history of a single word and its movement from pre-Islamic Arabia to the languages of modern Europe. It focuses on the key moment of the early nineteenth century when the Arabic ‘ghazwā’ served as ...

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