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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    30 January 2017Ecosystem restoration strengthens pollination network resilience and function.  Kaiser-Bunbury, CN; Mougal, J; Whittington, AE; et al.
    28 September 2021Envisioning a resilient future for biodiversity conservation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic  Thurstan, RH; Hockings, KJ; Hedlund, JSU; et al.
    19 November 2018Global patterns of the double mutualism phenomenon  Fuster, F; Kaiser-Bunbury, CN; Olesen, JM; et al.
    18 December 2019Identification of sex-linked markers in the sexually cryptic coco de mer: are males and females produced in equal proportions?  Morgan, EJ; Kaiser-Bunbury, CN; Edwards, PJ; et al.
    22 May 2017Keeping it in the family: strong fine-scale genetic structure and inbreeding in Lodoicea maldivica, the largest-seeded plant in the world  Morgan, EJ; Kaiser-Bunbury, CN; Edwards, PJ; et al.
    26 June 2020Pollination effectiveness of specialist and opportunistic nectar feeders influenced by invasive alien ants in the Seychelles  Fuster, F; Kaiser-Bunbury, CN; Traveset, A
    1 March 2019Restoring plant-pollinator communities: using a network approach to monitor pollination function  Kaiser-Bunbury, CN
    19 October 2020Seeing through the static: the temporal dimension of plant–animal mutualistic interactions  CaraDonna, PJ; Burkle, LA; Schwarz, B; et al.
    9 May 2020Temporal scale-dependence of plant–pollinator networks  Schwarz, B; Vázquez, DP; CaraDonna, PJ; et al.
    24 August 2017Tracing coco de mer's reproductive history: Pollen and nutrient limitations reduce fecundity  Morgan, EJ; Kaiser-Bunbury, CN; Edwards, PJ; et al.