Recent Submissions

  • Optically detected spin-orbit torque ferromagnetic resonance in an in-plane magnetized ellipse (dataset) 

    Keatley, P; Chatzimpaloglou, K; Manago, T; et al. (University of Exeter, 2 June 2021)
    Time-resolved scanning Kerr microscopy has been used to perform optically detected, phase-resolved spin–orbit torque ferromagnetic resonance (SOT-FMR) measurements on a microscale CoFeB ellipse at the center of a Pt Hall ...
  • Supersymmetry, half-bound states, and grazing incidence reflection 

    Patient, DA; Horsley, SAR (IOP Publishing, 28 May 2021)
    Electromagnetic waves at grazing incidence onto a planar medium are analogous to zero energy quantum particles incident onto a potential well. In this limit waves are typically completely reflected. Here we explore dielectric ...
  • Multiphoton imaging and Raman spectroscopy of the bovine vertebral endplate 

    Crawford-Manning, F; Vardaki, MZ; Green, E; et al. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2021)
    The interface between the intervertebral disc and the vertebral body is important to the discs’ biomechanics and physiology, and is widely implicated in its pathology. This study aimed to explore biochemically and ...
  • The SEDIGISM survey: Molecular clouds in the inner Galaxy 

    Duarte-Cabral, A; Colombo, D; Urquhart, JS; et al. (Oxford University Press (OUP) / Royal Astronomical Society, 11 September 2020)
    We use the 13CO(2-1) emission from the SEDIGISM (Structure, Excitation, and Dynamics of the Inner Galactic InterStellar Medium) high-resolution spectral-line survey of the inner Galaxy, to extract the molecular cloud ...
  • How do different spiral arm models impact the ISM and GMC population? 

    Pettitt, AR; Dobbs, CL; Baba, J; et al. (Oxford University Press (OUP) / Royal Astronomical Society, 6 August 2020)
    The nature of galactic spiral arms in disc galaxies remains elusive. Regardless of the spiral model, arms are expected to play a role in sculpting the star-forming interstellar medium (ISM). As such, different arm models ...

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