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Welcome to the research outputs of the University of Exeter College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Department of Physics

Recent Submissions

  • Acoustic transmission through compound subwavelength slit arrays 

    Ward, GP; Hibbins, AP; Sambles, JR; Smith, JD (American Physical Society, 2016)
    The angular dependence of the transmission of sound in air through four types of 2D slit-arrays formed of aluminium slats is explored, both experimentally and numerically. For a simple, subwavelength periodic slit-array, ...
  • Covert Images Using Surface Plasmon-Mediated Optical Polarization Conversion 

    Finlayson, ED; Hooper, IR; Lawrence, CR; Heath, M; Anderson, D; Sambles, JR; Vukusic, P (Wiley, 2018-01-15)
    Covert optical signatures are a vital element in anticounterfeiting technologies. Plasmonic surfaces offer a means of manipulating the properties of light including the realization of colored pixels and images. In this ...
  • A broadband metasurface Luneburg lens for microwave surface waves 

    de Pineda, JD; Mitchell-Thomas; Hibbins, AP; Sambles, JR (AIP Publishing, 2017-11)
    A broadband planar microwave Luneburg lens made of a three-layer metasurface with hexagonal symmetry is presented. This metasurface supports a transverse-electric mode confined to the surface that presents very low dispersion ...
  • Age-dependent dissociation of ATP synthase dimers and loss of inner-membrane cristae in mitochondria 

    Daum, B; Walter, A; Horst, A; Osiewacz, HD; Kuhlbrandt, W (National Academy of Sciences, 2013-09-17)
    Aging is one of the most fundamental, yet least understood biological processes that affect all forms of eukaryotic life. Mitochondria are intimately involved in aging, but the underlying molecular mechanisms are largely ...
  • Cyclophilin D links programmed cell death and organismal aging in Podospora anserina 

    Brust, D; Daum, B; Breunig, C; Hamann, A; Kühlbrandt, W; Osiewacz, HD (Wiley for Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland, 2010-07-09)
    Cyclophilin D (CYPD) is a mitochondrial peptidyl prolyl-cis,trans-isomerase involved in opening of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore (mPTP). CYPD abundance increases during aging in mammalian tissues and in ...
  • Macromolecular organization of ATP synthase and complex I in whole mitochondria 

    Davies, KM; Strauss, M; Daum, B; Kief, JH; Osiewacz, HD; Rycovska, A; Zickermann, V; Kuhlbrandt, W (National Academy of Sciences, 2011-08-23)
    We used electron cryotomography to study the molecular arrangement of large respiratory chain complexes in mitochondria from bovine heart, potato, and three types of fungi. Long rows of ATP synthase dimers were observed ...
  • Supramolecular organization of the human N-BAR domain in shaping the sarcolemma membrane 

    Daum, B; Auerswald, A; Gruber, T; Hause, G; Balbach, J; Kühlbrandt, W; Meister, A (Elsevier, 2016-03-22)
    The 30 kDa N-BAR domain of the human Bin1 protein is essential for the generation of skeletal muscle T-tubules. By electron cryo-microscopy and electron cryo-tomography with a direct electron detector, we found that ...
  • Arrangement of Photosystem II and ATP Synthase in Chloroplast Membranes of Spinach and Pea 

    Daum, B; Nicastro, D; Austin, J; McIntosh, JR; Kühlbrandt, W (American Society of Plant Biologists, 2010-04)
    We used cryoelectron tomography to reveal the arrangements of photosystem II (PSII) and ATP synthase in vitreous sections of intact chloroplasts and plunge-frozen suspensions of isolated thylakoid membranes. We found that ...
  • The Massive Star-forming Regions Omnibus X-ray Catalog, Second Installment 

    Townsley, L; Broos, P; Garmire, G; Anderson, G; Feigelson, E; Naylor, T; Povich, M (American Astronomical Society / IOP Publishing, 2018)
    We present the second installment of the Massive Star-forming Regions (MSFRs) Omnibus X-ray Catalog (MOXC2), a compilation of X-ray point sources detected in Chandra/ACIS observations of 16 Galactic MSFRs and surrounding ...
  • Self-assembly of the general membrane-remodeling protein PVAP into sevenfold virus-associated pyramids 

    Daum, B; Quax, TEF; Sachse, M; Mills, DJ; Reimann, J; Yildiz, O; Hader, S; Saveanu, C; Forterre, P; Albers, S-V; Kuhlbrandt, W; Prangishvili, D (National Academy of Sciences, 2014-03-11)
    Viruses have developed a wide range of strategies to escape from the host cells in which they replicate. For egress some archaeal viruses use a pyramidal structure with sevenfold rotational symmetry. Virus-associated ...
  • Understanding the LMXB X2127+119 in M 15. II. The UV data 

    Ioannou, Z; van Zyl, L; Naylor, T; Charles, PA; Margon, B; Koch-Miramond, L; Ilovaisky, S (EDP Sciences for European Southern Observatory (ESO), 2003-02-01)
  • Spectroscopic Evidence for Starspots on the Secondary Star of SS Cygni 

    Webb, NA; Naylor, T; Jeffries, RD (American Astronomical Society / IOP Publishing, 2002)
    Cataclysmic variables are interacting binary systems where a cool, rapidly rotating secondary star passes material to a white dwarf. If this mass loss is to continue, then there must be continuous angular momentum loss ...
  • OGLE-2005-BLG-018: Characterization of Full Physical and Orbital Parameters of a Gravitational Binary Lens 

    Shin, I-G; Udalski, A; Han, C; Gould, A; Dominik, M; Fouque, P; Kubiak, M; Szymanski, MK; Pietrzynki, G; Soszynski, I; Ulaczyk, K; Wyrzykowski, L; DePoy, DL; Dong, S; Gaudi, BS; Lee, C-U; Park, B-G; Pogge, RW; Albrow, MD; Allan, A; Beaulieu, JP; Bennett, DP; Bode, M; Bramich, DM; Brillant, S; Burgadorf, M; Caldwell, JAR; Calitz, H; Cassan, A; Cook, KH; Corrales, E; Coutures, C; Desort, N; Dieters, S; Prester, DD; Donatowicz, J; Fraser, SN; Greenhill, J; Hill, K; Hoffman, M; Horne, K; Jorgensen, UG; Kane, SR; Kubas, D; Marquette, JB; Martin, R; Meintjes, P; Menzies, J; Mottram, C; Naylor, T; Pollard, KR; Sahu, KC; Snodgrass, C; Steele, I; Vinter, C; Wambsganss, J; Williams, A; Woller, K (American Astronomical Society / IOP Publishing, 2011-06-20)
    We present the analysis result of a gravitational binary-lensing event OGLE-2005-BLG-018. The light curve of the event is characterized by 2 adjacent strong features and a single weak feature separated from the strong ...
  • S-layers at second glance? Altiarchaeal grappling hooks (hami) resemble archaeal S-layer proteins in structure and sequence 

    Perras, AK; Daum, B; Ziegler, C; Takahashi, LK; Ahmed, M; Wanner, G; Klingl, A; Leitinger, G; Kolb-Lenz, D; Gribaldo, S; Auerbach, A; Mora, M; Probst, AJ; Bellack, A; Moissl-Eichinger, C (Frontiers Media, 2015-06-09)
  • Precision Orbit of δ Delphini and Prospects for Astrometric Detection of Exoplanets 

    Gardner, T; Monnier, JD; Fekel, FC; Williamson, M; Duncan, DK; White, TR; Ireland, M; Adams, FC; Barman, T; Baron, F; Brummelaar, TT; Che, X; Huber, D; Kraus, S; Roettenbacher, RM; Schaefer, G; Sturmann, J; Sturmann, L; Swihart, SJ; Zhao, M (American Astronomical Society / IOP Publishing, 2018)
    Combining visual and spectroscopic orbits of binary stars leads to a determination of the full 3D orbit, individual masses, and distance to the system. We present a full analysis of the evolved binary system Delphini ...
  • Visualization of ATP synthase dimers in mitochondria by electron cryo-tomography 

    Davies, KM; Daum, B; Gold, VAM; Mühleip, AW; Brandt, T; Blum, TB; Mills, DJ; Kühlbrandt, W (Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE), 2014-09-14)
    Electron cryo-tomography is a powerful tool in structural biology, capable of visualizing the three-dimensional structure of biological samples, such as cells, organelles, membrane vesicles, or viruses at molecular detail. ...
  • Strong mechanically-induced effects in DC current-biased suspended Josephson junctions 

    McDermott, T; Deng, H-Y; Isacsson, A; Mariani, E (American Physical Society, 2018-01-26)
    Superconductivity is a result of quantum coherence at macroscopic scales. Two superconductors separated by a metallic or insulating weak link exhibit the AC Josephson effect - the conversion of a DC voltage bias into an ...
  • Hubble PanCET: An isothermal day-side atmosphere for the bloated gas-giant HAT-P-32Ab 

    Nikolov, N; Sing, DK; Goyal, J; Henry, GW; Wakeford, HR; Evans, TM; Lopez-Morales, M; Munoz, AG; Ben-Jaffel, L; Sanz-Forcada, J; Ballester, GE; Kataria, T; Barstow, JK; Bourrier, V; Buchhave, LA; Cohen, O; Deming, D; Ehrenreich, D; Knutson, H; Lavvas, P; Etangs, ALD; Lewis, NK; Mandell, AM; Williamson, MH (Oxford University Press (OUP) / Royal Astronomical Society, 2017-11-06)
    We present a thermal emission spectrum of the bloated hot Jupiter HAT-P-32Ab from a single eclipse observation made in spatial scan mode with the Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) aboard the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). The ...
  • Refined physical properties and g',r',i',z',J,H,K transmission spectrum of WASP-23b from the ground 

    Nikolov, N; Chen, G; Fortney, JJ; Mancini, L; Southworth, J; Boekel, RV; Henning, T (EDP Sciences for European Southern Observatory (ESO), 2013-04-25)
    Multi-band observations of planetary transits using the telescope defocus technique may yield high-quality light curves suitable for refining the physical properties of exoplanets even with small or medium size telescopes. ...
  • WASP-4b Transit Observations With GROND 

    Nikolov, N; Henning, T; Koppenhoefer, J; Lendl, M; Maciejewski, G; Greiner, J (EDP Sciences for European Southern Observatory (ESO), 2012-03-13)
    Ground-based simultaneous multiband transit observations allow an accurate system parameters determination and may lead to the detection and characterization of additional bodies via the transit timing variations (TTVs) ...

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