Recent Submissions

  • Molecular dynamics simulations disclose early stages of the photo-Activation of cryptochrome 4 (article) 

    Kattnig, DR; Nielsen, C; Solov'Yov, IA (IOP Publishing for Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, 10 August 2018)
    Birds appear to be equipped with a light-dependent, radical-pair-based magnetic compass that relies on truly quantum processes. While the identity of the sensory protein has remained speculative, cryptochrome 4 has recently ...
  • Fluidity onset in graphene 

    Bandurin, DA; Shytov, AV; Levitov, LS; et al. (Springer Nature, 31 October 2018)
    Viscous electron fluids have emerged recently as a new paradigm of strongly-correlated electron transport in solids. Here we report on a direct observation of the transition to this long-sought-for state of matter in a ...
  • Particle Collisions and Negative Nonlocal Response of Ballistic Electrons 

    Shytov, A; Kong, JF; Falkovich, G; et al. (American Physical Society, 26 October 2018)
    An electric field that builds in the direction against current, known as negative nonlocal resistance, arises naturally in viscous flows and is thus often taken as a telltale of this regime. Here, we predict negative ...
  • The Limits of the Primitive Equations of Dynamics for Warm, Slowly Rotating Small Neptunes and Super Earths 

    Mayne, NJ; Drummond, B; Debras, F; et al. (American Astronomical Society / IOP Publishing, 1 January 2018)
    We present significant differences in the simulated atmospheric flow for warm, tidally-locked small Neptunes and super Earths (based on a nominal GJ 1214b) when solving the simplified, and commonly used, primitive dynamical ...
  • Ab-initio study of electronic properties of a two-dimensional array of carbon nanotubes 

    Senkevich, NY; Polozkov, RG; Morina, S; et al. (IOP Publishing, 1 January 2018)
    The equilibrium geometry and electronic band structure of a planar array of carbon nanotubes are studied with the use of the Quantum Espresso code - a plane-wave realisation of the density functional theory (DFT). The ...

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