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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 July 2015The association of perseverative negative thinking with negative affect in long term conditions: A systematic review  Trick, Leanne; Watkins, E.R; Dickens, Chris
    1 May 2017Connecting those that care: Designing for Transitioning, Talking, Belonging and Escaping  Long, K; Bakewell, L; McNaney, R; et al.
    1 August 2020Context variability promotes generalization in reading aloud: Insight from a neural network simulation  Miller, ID; Dumay, N; Pitt, M; et al.
    2013Contextual Renewal and Awareness: Dissociating awareness within an electrodermal conditioning paradigm  Bowditch, William A.; McLaren, RP; McAndrew, Amy; et al.
    2013Cue Competition in Human Associative Learning  McLaren, IPL; McLaren, RP; Jones, FW; et al.
    1 July 2017Does Associative Memory Play a Role in Solving Physics Problems?  Wood, K; McLaren, RP; McLaren, IPL
    21 April 2018Everything We Do, Everything We Press: Data-Driven Remote Performance Management in a Mobile Workplace  Bakewell, L; Vasilieiou, K; Long, K; et al.
    20 February 2020How are you feeling? Using tangibles to log the emotions of older adults  Gooch, D; Vikram, M; Price, B; et al.
    2012Implicit Learning: A Demonstration and a Novel SRT Paradigm  Yeates, Fayme; Jones, FW; Wills, AJ; et al.
    2013Implicit Learning: A Demonstration and a Revision of a Novel SRT Paradigm.  Yeates, Fayme; Jones, FW; Wills, AJ; et al.
    23 November 2017Learning to Share: Engineering Adaptive Decision-Support for Online Social Networks  Rafiq, Y; Dickens, L; Russo, A; et al.
    1 July 2017Mindfulness and Fear Conditioning  Jones, FW; McLaren, RP; McLaren, IPL
    30 July 2018A novel measure of changes in force applied to the Perruchet Effect.  Bartlett, M; Strivens, A; Nicholson, W; et al.
    7 March 2016Overcoming the uncanny valley: Displays of emotions reduce the uncanniness of humanlike robots  Koschate-Reis, M; Potter, R; Bremner, P; et al.
    7 March 2016Overcoming the Uncanny Valley: Displays of Emotions Reduce the Uncanniness of Humanlike Robots  Koschate, M; Potter, R; Bremner, P; et al.
    27 August 2020Slowing the Loop: the role of grief and hope in building new economic spaces  Burton, K; Smith, J
    2012State-Trace Analysis of Sequence Learning by Simple Recurrent Networks  Yeates, Fayme; Wills, AJ; Jones, FW; et al.
    6 June 2019STRETCH: a Sensor Platform for Non-Invasive Remote Monitoring of Older People in Real Time  Bennasar, M; McCormick, C; Price, B; et al.
    2012Task switching without knowledge of the tasks.  Forrest, CL; Elchlepp, H; Monsell, S; et al.
    23 July 2016The threat to identities posed by arbitrary surveillance  Stuart, A; Levine, M