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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 November 2005Artistry and analysis: student experiences of UK practice-based doctorates in art and design  Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn
    1 December 1998Capturing contracts: informal activity among contract researchers  Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn; Hockey, John
    2009Dialogue, monologue, and boundary crossing within research encounters: A performative narrative analysis  Smith, Brett; Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn; Phoenix, Cassandra; et al.
    1 June 2005Emotions, interaction and the injured sporting body.  Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn
    1 June 2007‘Get yourself some nice, neat, matching box files!’: Research administrators and occupational identity work  Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn
    1 June 2007Grasping the Phenomenology of Sporting Bodies  Hockey, John; Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn
    1 February 2005Identity change: doctoral students in art and design  Hockey, John; Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn
    1 April 2009Intimate intrusions revisited: a case of intimate partner abuse and violations of the territories of the self  Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn
    1 April 2004Occupational Identity on the Edge: Social Science Contract Researchers in Higher Education  Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn
    2001Runners’ tales: Autoethnography, injury and narrative  Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn; Hockey, John
    1 December 2003Running into injury time: distance running and temporality  Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn
    1 February 2008Running the routes together: co-running and knowledge in action  Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn
    2000Social Science Contract Researchers in Higher Education: perceptions of craft knowledge  Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn
    1 August 2003Working at a marginal ‘career’: the case of UK social science contract researchers  Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn
    2007'Working Out' Identity: Distance Runners and the Management of Disrupted Identity  Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn; Hockey, John