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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 May 2017Circulating Sclerostin Responses To Acute Weight And Non Weight Bearing Sport Activity In Pre Adolescent Males  Jamurtas, AZ; Leontsini, D; Avloniti, A; et al.
    2017Determinants of bone outcomes in adolescent athletes at baseline: the PRO-BONE study  Vlachopoulos, D; Ubago-Guisado, E; Barker, AR; et al.
    17 January 2017Exercise-induced oxidative stress responses in the pediatric population  Avloniti, A; Chatzinikolaou, A; Deli, CK; et al.
    19 June 2018The "Football is Medicine" platform-scientific evidence, large-scale implementation of evidence-based concepts and future perspectives  Krustrup, P; Williams, CA; Mohr, M; et al.
    7 July 2017Longitudinal Adaptations of Bone Mass, Geometry and Metabolism in Adolescent Male Athletes. The PRO-BONE Study.  Vlachopoulos, D; Barker, AR; Ubago-Guisado, E; et al.
    10 October 2018Longitudinal determinants of 12-month changes on bone health in adolescent male athletes  Ubago-Guisado, E; Vlachopoulos, D; Fatouros, IG; et al.
    1 May 2018The trainability of adolescent soccer players to brief periodized complex training  Chatzinikolaou, A; Michaloglou, K; Avloniti, A; et al.