Recent Submissions

  • Theatre and activism: the agit prop theatre way 

    Pal, Swati (University of Exeter, 2010)
    Agit prop or agitational propaganda, as the very term implies, seeks to deliberately change people’s beliefs through well-planned strategies of persuasion, transformations of spectators into (spect)actors, and their ...
  • Women rockers and the strategies of a minority position 

    Fournet, Adele Keala (University of Exeter, 2010)
    This article is a distillation of an ethnography conducted in the fall of 2008 of female rock instrumentalists performing in bands in the Tampa, Florida bay area. The study looked into why there are comparatively very few ...
  • Making opera work: bricolage and the management of dramaturgy 

    Atkinson, Paul (University of Exeter, 1 October 2010)
    Based on an ethnographic study of an international opera company, the paper reports a number of aspects of preparation, rehearsal and performance. It documents the creation of operatic productions as everyday, mundane ...
  • Editorial 

    MAiA Editorial Team (University of Exeter, 2010)
    The articles in this issue address varied fields of performance: opera, rock music, and engaged theatre. Taken together, these pieces look in detail at how individual performers, prop-makers, directors, playwrights, ...
  • Applied ethnomusicology: bridging research and action 

    Pettan, Svanibor (University of Exeter, 2010)
    This article provides a brief sketch of how scholars may be actively involved in conflict transformation efforts using music or the arts beyond their purely artistic connotations. Here I will explore the ways in which ...

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