Other Collections include the outputs of Professional Services staff, University of Exeter journals as well as archived material relating to completed projects.

Recent Submissions

  • Participatory action research: towards a more fruitful knowledge 

    Wakeford, T; Sanchez Rodriguez, T (University of Bristol and the AHRC Connected Communities Programme, 1 September 2018)
    Wakeford and Sanchez Rodriguez’s review is written from the position of individuals who situate themselves as both activists and academics. From a perspective both inside and outside the academy, they make visible the ...
  • Muck and Magic: A Resilience Lens on Organic Conversions as Transformation 

    James, T; Brown, K (Taylor & Francis (Routledge) for International Association for Society and Natural Resources, 9 November 2018)
    Transformation creates space to consider the profound changes necessary for society to pursue just and sustainable social-ecological systems. Transformation involves profound and complex change, yet there are few empirical ...
  • Artistic Practices: social interactions and cultural dynamics 

    Schurig, Eva (University of Exeter, 2017)
  • The Nile Project: making music for peace in the Nile Basin region 

    Mancini Becker, Kelly (University of Exeter, 2017)
    The use of music in peacebuilding is a new and emerging field. Yet there is sparse empirical evidence on its outcomes. The Nile Project is a musical collaborative from East Africa that brings together musicians from all ...
  • Singing Against Loneliness: songs of a homeless choir in Porto 

    Boal-Palheiros, Graca (University of Exeter, 2017)
    recent decades, cultural institutions in Western countries have developed educational services and supported community cultural projects. Through the rhetoric of social inclusion, the concert hall Casa da Música (CM) in ...

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