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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    10 February 2017Accelerated Long-Term Forgetting in Epilepsy - and Beyond  Baker, J; Zeman, A
    1 September 2019Challenging psychiatric classification: healthy autistic diversity and the neurodiversity movement  Russell, G; Dyck, E
    1 January 2019Choosing the right databases and search techniques  Bethel, A; Rogers, M
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    1 March 2020Critiques of the Neurodiversity Movement  Russell, G
    30 June 2020Environmental Health Research: Identifying the Context and the Needs, and Choosing Priorities  Morris, G; Martuzzi, M; Fleming, L; et al.
    7 November 2017Foreword  Zeman, AZJ
    1 May 2015From Sex to Sexuality: Sexual Cultures and Sexual Selves  Aggleton, P; Parker, R; Thomas, F
    22 April 2016'Good' Communication in Schizophrenia: A Conversation Analytic Definition  McCabe, R; Thompson, L
    1 May 2018Market failures, the environment, and human health  Morrissey, KM
    12 July 2018Nurse led interventions in Hypertension  Clark, CE
    29 October 2019The Radiographer's Role in DXA: Sports medicine and MSK  Knapp, K
    2015School-based sex and relationships education: current knowledge and emerging themes  Thomas, F
    12 February 2019The shadows of risk and inequality within salutogenic coastal waters  Bell, SL; Hollenbeck, J; Lovell, R; et al.
    26 September 2018SPNet: Shape Prediction Using a Fully Convolutional Neural Network  Al Arif, SMMR; Knapp, K; Slabaugh, G
    28 September 2018The varying economic impacts of Marine Spatial Planning across different geographical scales: a Q methodology study  Gustavsson, MC; Morrissey, K