Creating Family Resilience?

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Creating Family Resilience?

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Title: Creating Family Resilience?
Author: Lean, Kirstin
Advisor: McClelland, Lynn
Publisher: University of Exeter
Date Issued: 2012-01-09
Abstract: The balance between family support and child protection services is continuously challenged by high-profile cases. These highlight shortcomings both of the UK system and of research on the effectiveness of child maltreatment interventions (Munro, 2011). One such intervention is the Resolutions Approach to ‘denied’ child abuse (Turnell and Essex, 2006) – a systemic approach which creates a support network including extended family, friends, community members and professionals. There is, however, only limited research analysing the supporters’ experience of this intervention. In the present study five semi-structured group interviews were conducted in order to investigate how the family support network members made sense of their participation in Resolutions. Through a thematic analysis three related themes: returning hope; building safety and trusting a professional were identified. Additionally, special attention was paid to processes linked to the creation of family resilience (Walsh, 2003). Based on two contrasting case studies the potential creation of family resilience through Resolutions was discussed and clinical recommendations for creating family resilience within support networks were outlined.
Type: Thesis or dissertation
Keywords: child protectionsystemic interventionextended family support network experiencesfamily resiliencethematic analysis

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