A collection of all the materials created and used during Open Access Week 2012. This includes promotional materials, training and guidance resources and presentations. Note that much of the guidance in these materials may be out-of-date or superseded by recent policy.

Recent Submissions

  • Going for Gold: Gold Open Access publishing 

    Lopez Cobos, Alejandro (1 October 2012)
    BioMed Central was a pioneer of the open access model, and over the last twelve years has seen great changes in the marketplace and perception of open access publishing. Gold Open Access publishing is in the news globally ...
  • Can open science be a space for public engagement with science? 

    Grand, Ann (1 October 2012)
    Demands for openness and access to data are transforming the way science is conducted. The recent Royal Society report Science as an open enterprise explicitly acknowledged the increased demand from citizens, civic groups ...
  • Realising the full potential of Open Access: How I learnt to stop worrying and love the RCUK policy 

    Neylon, Cameron (1 October 2012)
    The web changes everything, and yet it has changed our central means of scholarly communication, the peer reviewed journal article, only slightly. At the same time we have a growing number of examples showing the potential ...
  • Developing Open Access and Research Data Management Policy 

    Lloyd-Jones, Hannah (1 October 2012)
    Hannah Lloyd-Jones, Open Exeter's Advocacy and Governance Officer, talked about the challenges of developing an institutional policy on Open Access and research data management and how Exeter has approached policy development ...
  • Open Access: An Introduction 

    Evans, Jill (1 October 2012)
    An introduction to Open Access with the Library's Open Access team, including: What is Open Access? How do I do it? Why should I do it? What do I get out of it? What are funders' policies on Open Access? What is the ...

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