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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    24 October 2012Alma Swan Open Access Week Presentation and Video  Swan, Alma
    22 October 2012Benefits of Open Access  Leonelli, Sabina
    1 October 2012Can open science be a space for public engagement with science?  Grand, Ann
    22 October 2012Caroline Dominey Open Access Week Presentation  Dominey, Caroline
    1 October 2012Developing Open Access and Research Data Management Policy  Lloyd-Jones, Hannah
    1 October 2012Going for Gold: Gold Open Access publishing  Lopez Cobos, Alejandro
    23 October 2012How to Write a Data Management Plan  Cole, Gareth
    22 October 2012Ian Wellaway Open Access Week Presentations  Wellaway, Ian
    24 October 2012Managing your Research Data: Planning to Share  UKDA
    22 October 2012Mark Hahnel Open Access Week Presentation and Video  Hahnel, Mark
    22 October 2012Mark Thorley Open Access Week Presentation  Thorley, Mark
    23 October 2012Michael Wykes Open Access Week Presentation  Wykes, Michael
    24 October 2012Open Access and you: a relationship with promise  Swan, Alma
    1 October 2012Open Access: An Introduction  Evans, Jill
    23 October 2012Open Practices for the Connected Researcher  Kelly, Brian
    1 October 2012Realising the full potential of Open Access: How I learnt to stop worrying and love the RCUK policy  Neylon, Cameron
    24 October 2012Richard Pulsford Open Access Week Presentation  Pulsford, Richard
    1 October 2012Tracking Digital Impact. A Quick Introduction  McClymont, Kent
    1 October 2012What is Open Access? What is research data management? Principles, Policy and Practicalities  Lloyd-Jones, Hannah