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  • Editorial 

    MAiA Editorial Team (University of Exeter, 2011)
    We are delighted to present the first in what we anticipate to be a long line of Music and Arts in Action 'special issues' that referee, document and discuss innovative work presented at international conferences and ...
  • When Migration Ends, When Music Ceases 

    Bohlman, Philip Vilas (University of Exeter, 2011)
    The different processes and sites of intersection between music and mobility are crucial to the ways in which the potential for music to form what the following article calls "aesthetic agency". Music's aesthetic agency ...
  • Understanding Dislocal Urban Subcultures: The Example of the Hardcore Scene, from Tokyo and Beyond 

    Mueller, Alain (University of Exeter, 2011)
    This article examines, through several ethnographic examples taken from my empirical multi-sited fieldwork, the logics and the mechanisms of the global circulation of a specific music-based "youth subculture": hardcore ...
  • Representing an "Authentic Ethnic Identity": Experiences of Sub-Saharan African Musicians in an Eastern German City 

    Carstensen-Egwuom, Inken (University of Exeter, 2011)
    This paper focuses on how Sub-Saharan Africans present themselves as musicians in Chemnitz, an Eastern German town of around 200,000 citizens that is situated on the periphery of existing immigrant musicians' networks in ...
  • Transnational Ties and Local Involvement: North African Musicians In and Beyond London 

    Gibert, Marie-Pierre (University of Exeter, 2011)
    By following the life trajectories and networks of various North African artists principally based in the United Kingdom and in France, it becomes apparent that a common phenomenon amongst migrant musicians is that they ...

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