Recent Submissions

  • The Richmonds, Palestine and the Catholic Press, 1967-80 

    Downs, J (Cambridge University Press (CUP) / Trustees of the Catholic Record Society, 26 April 2023)
    After retiring from a successful diplomatic career in 1966, Sir John Richmond (1909-90) and his wife Diana (1914-97) settled in Durham, where he had accepted a lectureship in Modern Near East History at the University’s ...
  • University of Exeter Open Access Policy 

    University of Exeter (University of Exeter, 1 April 2022)
    This is the Open Access Policy of the University of Exeter, published on 1 April 2022. It replaces the open access element of the 2017 Open Access Research and Research Data Management policy (, ...
  • Upstart Crow Series 2 (review) 

    Alsop, J (Johns Hopkins University Press, 18 July 2018)
  • Muck and Magic: A Resilience Lens on Organic Conversions as Transformation 

    James, T; Brown, K (Taylor & Francis (Routledge) for International Association for Society and Natural Resources, 9 November 2018)
    Transformation creates space to consider the profound changes necessary for society to pursue just and sustainable social-ecological systems. Transformation involves profound and complex change, yet there are few empirical ...
  • What Works in the Field? Evaluating Informal Science Events 

    Grand, A; Sardo, AM (Frontiers, 11 December 2017)
    Around the world, increasing numbers of people are attending informal science events, often ones that are part of multi-event festivals that cross cultural boundaries. For the researchers who take part, and the organizers, ...

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