Recent Submissions

  • Walbrook's Royal Waltzes 

    Downs, J (Manchester University Press, 28 February 2016)
    Anton Walbrook played Prince Albert in both Victoria the Great ( 1937) - which coincided with George VI's coronation and the centenary of Queen Victoria's accession - and its sequel, Sixty Glorious Years (1938). Austrianborn ...
  • Conclusions and future challenges: The end of work and the end of history 

    Pitts, FH; MacLeavy, J (Routledge, 1 December 2024)
    This concluding chapter further dismantles the notion of a technologically determined future of work, championing instead a more nuanced understanding that recognises the significant influence of social, economic and ...
  • An Introduction to the Handbook for the Future of Work 

    MacLeavy, J; Pitts, FH (Routledge, 2024)
    The Handbook for the Future of Work offers a comprehensive and critical analysis of a series of key debates concerning the changing nature of work and employment. The temporal focus is primarily on the last twenty years, ...
  • Value struggles in digital Taylorism: Scientific management and social mediation 

    Pitts, FH (SAGE Publications, 2025)
    In the famous mantra of McKinsey, ‘what gets measured gets managed’. Drawing on previous work (Pitts 2021, 2022a, 2022b), the point of this chapter is to suggest that what gets measured gets mediated, too, and that labour ...
  • University of Exeter Institutional Rights Retention Policy 

    University of Exeter (University of Exeter, 12 October 2023)
    The University of Exeter fully supports the shift to open access and believes that asserting Rights Retention can benefit wider society. The University aims to disseminate research and scholarship widely while complying ...

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