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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    28 May 2013Absorbing Roots Areas and Transpiring Leaf Areas at the Tropical Forest and Savanna Boundary in Brazil  Butler, Andre; Marimon-Junior, BH; Maracahipes, Leandro; et al.
    25 May 2016Acknowledging long-term ecological change: The problem of shifting baselines  Klein, ES; Thurstan, RH
    29 September 2019Alkane Biosynthesis in Bacteria  Brown, S; Loh, J; Aves, S; et al.
    20 May 2015Altruism and Prosocial Behavior  Lay, J; Hoppmann, C
    2017Animal Forests Through Time: Historical Data to Understand Present Changes in Marine Ecosystems  Thurstan, RH; Pandolfi, JM; zu Ermgassen, PSE
    27 November 2018Archaeology and sclerochronology of marine bivalves  Butler, PG; Freitas, PS; Burchell, M; et al.
    1 June 2017Asmara: making (colonial) modernity work through transport networks and infrastructure  Caprotti, F
    1 December 2015Association and Inhibition  McLaren, Ian P.L.; Verbruggen, Frederick
    1 October 2016Behaviourally, emotionally and socially ‘problematic’ students: interrogating emotional governance as a form of exclusionary practice  Lea, J; Bowlby, S
    1 September 2015Beyond behaviour change: social practice theory and the search for sustainable mobility  Barr, SW
    2010The Biological Sciences  Macgregor, Herbert C.
    2016Biopower  Srinivasan, K
    1 January 2016Bone health: The independent and combined effects of calcium, Vitamin D and exercise in children and adolescents  Vlachopoulos, D; Gracia-Marco, L; Barker, AR; et al.
    28 December 2020Borders  Freeman, C
    2 March 2021'Candles are not bright enough': inclusive urban energy transformations in spaces of urban inequality?  Caprotti, F; Phillips, J; Petrova, S; et al.
    10 September 2016Categorisation and perceptual Learning: Why tDCS to Left DLPFC Enhances Generalisation.  McLaren, IPL; Carpenter, K; Civile, C; et al.
    1 January 2011Chain gang conservation: young people and environmental volunteering  Leyshon, M; Fish, R
    8 September 2017Challenging the eco-city: residents’ perceptions of social sustainability in Tianjin Eco-City, China  Caprotti, F; Gong, Z
    13 June 2013Changing places: migration and adaptation to climate change  Adams, H; Adger, WN
    2020China’s entangled borders: citizenship, infectious diseases, and invasive species  Smart, A; Smart, J; Chan, KW