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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    19 June 2009The Boy's Own Book of Indoor Games and Recreations: an Instructive Manual of Home Amusements  "The Boy's Own Paper Office"; Adams, Morley
    19 June 2009Catalogue of Lantern Slides: part II. Educational, Scientific, Medical and Travel  Newton & Co.
    15 June 2009Ceylon  Alabaster, Passmore & Sons; York & Son; S., J. M.
    17 June 2009Christian Missionary Colouring Book  Unknown author
    17 June 2009Cinema Publicity Programme, Philharmonic Hall, London: Wildest Africa  Philharmonic Hall
    23 June 2009Cinema Publicity Programme, Young Men's Society Hall, Kanturk, 18 April 1898: Irish Lights and Shadows and The Marvellous Cinematograph  Young Men's Society Hall
    12 June 2009The Conquest of the Soudan: Gordon Avenged  J. Tamblyn; York & Son; Eaton, W.A.
    17 June 2009Curiosities of Street Literature: a Collection of 'Cocks,' or 'Catchpennies,' a Large and Curious Assortment of Street-drolleries  Reeves and Turner
    17 June 2009Geography: Fifth Section of the Complete Catalogue of Lantern Slides Published and Manufactured by Newton & Co. Ltd.  Newton & Co.
    18 June 2009The Great Exhibition: its Palace, and its Principal Contents. With Notices of the Public Buildings of the Metropolis, Places of Amusement, etc.  George Routledge and Co.; Stephenson, Roberts
    19 June 2009Illustrated Catalogue of Magic, Optical and Dissolving View Lanterns, Limelight Apparatus &c.  Unknown author
    19 June 2009Italy Through the Stereoscope: Journeys in and About Italian Cities  Underwood and Underwood; Ellison, D.J; Egbert, James C.
    7 August 2009Kriss Kringle's Raree Show  Kringle
    24 June 2009Magic Lantern Lecture Publicity Leaflet: Qua Iboe Mission, West Africa  Christian Institute; Wm. Strain & Sons
    17 June 2009Magic: Stage Illusions and Scientific Diversions Including Trick Photography  Sampson Low, Marston and Company; Hopkins, Albert A.
    11 June 2009Moving Panorama Programme: Joseph Poole's Myriorama  James Upton; Poole, Joseph
    12 June 2009Moving Panorama Programme: Victoria Hall, Exeter / H. & F. Poole's Myrioramas  H. & F. Poole; James Upton
    23 June 2009One Hundred Years of Showmanship: Poole's 1837-1937  Poole, John R.
    19 June 2009Our Parlour Panorama  T. Nelson & Sons; Cupples, Mrs. George
    18 June 2009The Overland Route to India: Historical, Descriptive and Legendary  John Edward Lloyd; Tillotson, John