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Future Memory in Place was built on the outcomes of the original Beyond Text initiative, De-Placing Future Memory . We were able to expand on the fundamental idea that was crystallized there, that place is neither fixed nor replicable, and that the bond between memory and place is itself a construct, that can be strengthened or weakened. We also developed further the experimental methods used to explore these issues through art practice. For the follow-on-funding scheme these became the main tools through which we were able to bring these ideas to the wider community and engage them in the discourse on place and mobility.

The Future Memory in Place initiative was made possible by the Beyond Text follow-on-funding scheme, along with support from the Arts Council of Wales, University of Exeter, Glynn Vivian Gallery and National Waterfront Museum. Working together with the artist Catrin Webster we conducted a series of intensive art and ancient history workshops throughout spring and summer terms, involving some 3000 members of the Swansea community. Our specific aim was to employ kinaesthetic learning, using the ancient world as a starting point to explore alternative ways of understanding place, beyond territory, and as the sum of interactions and the imagination. A number of workshops were developed which included experimental ideas such as maps as poems or performance, maps of sound, drawing as seeing, objects as ideas, and time as matter. Through drawing, painting and the examination of artefacts, participants were encouraged to think creatively, beyond given constructs such as landscape or the foreigner.

The result was a programme of activities that culminated in a number of Art Works and Events :

1) A permanent sculpture based on the ancient artefact of the same name, the Tessera Hospitalis, sited at the National Waterfront Museum, Swansea

2) A live performance of 1000 Colours Blue, a filmic piece accompanied by a score performed by a choir, derived from the blue colours (1000 Blues) collected from the Swansea landscape by participants. Performed in Castle Gardens, Swansea city centre, using the BBC Big Screen

3) An exhibition of 800 postcards which arose from the participants’ many connections with places around the world, shown at the Oriel Bach Gallery, Swansea

Currently the methods that have been developed through this project are being integrated into teaching practice in schools and especially into contexts where there are high-risk groups and divided communities. The underpinning ideas have led to the creation of art works, publications, new projects, and continuing collaborations.

Key Words: History _ Archaeology _ Journeys _ Memory _ Painting _ Place _ Sculpture _ Sound

Restricted Access: Some items in this community are restricted, often due to the sensitivity of data regarding children. In order to request access to any such restricted data, please contact Dr Elena Isayev and Catrin Webster.

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