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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    16 June 20091864 Almanack  Unknown author
    3 July 2009Advertisement for 'Bovril'  Unknown author
    13 July 2009'Agricultural Lock-Out - "Anxious Moments"'  Unknown author
    12 August 2009Alice  Lytton, Edward George Earle Bulwer-Lytton
    7 July 2009All About Everything  Unknown author
    14 July 2009'Amazing Tub Athletes'  Holmfield, Frank
    16 July 2009And His Day's Work Was Done  Connor, T.W.
    16 July 2009Annie Laurie  Lehmann, Liza
    30 June 2009'The Approaching Festival of All Nations'  Unknown author
    26 June 2009'Arch across Queen Street, Exeter'  Unknown author
    11 August 2009'Arid August'  Unknown author
    26 June 2009'Articles from the Indian Archipelago'  Unknown author
    29 June 2009'The Assault on the Malakoff'  Unknown author
    13 July 2009'The Astronomical Year'  Unknown author
    3 July 2009'At the Pantomime'  Ford, H.
    13 July 2009'At the Rock-Pools'  Watkins, M.G.
    13 July 2009'Baby's First Snow'  H., H.
    16 June 2009'Ballad for Old-Fashioned Farmers. On The Great Exhibition'  Unknown author
    26 June 2009'Balloon Ascent at Vauxhall Gardens'  Unknown author
    3 July 2009'Bank Holiday on Hampstead Heath'  Unknown author