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dcterms.abstract‘Jesus, Paul and the Early Church’ is the third of three term-length online Modules on an ‘Introduction to the Bible’. Module 1 is an introduction to the content, original contexts, and theology of the main books of the Hebrew Bible together with related texts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Module 2 comprises an introduction to the authorship, contexts and distinctive theology of each of the four New Testament Gospels, together with what can be known from these and other sources about the original ministry and teaching of Jesus, with special attention to the parables of the kingdom. Module 3 completes the introduction to the ministry and teaching of Jesus with particular attention to the identity of Jesus, as well as to his trials, death and resurrection - of which the current selection represents four units and a conclusion dealing with ‘The Identity of Jesus’. The remaining units of Module 3 comprise: first, an exploration of the ministry and teaching of Paul, with special attention to his letters to the Galatians and to the Corinthians; and second, an exploration of the contexts and distinctive theologies of the Pastoral Epistles and the Book of Revelation as representative of other Early Church writings.en_GB
dcterms.creatorLittle, Jimen_GB
dcterms.formatRecording oralen_GB
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dcterms.tableOfContents1.If you are the Son of God... 2.Who do people say that I am? 3.One like a son of man... 4.How then is it written about the son of man...?en_GB
dcterms.titleJesus, Paul and the Early Churchen_GB

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