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  • Music and Reconciliation in Colombia: Opportunities and Limitations of Songs Composed by Victims 

    Pinto Garcia, ME (University of Exeter, 2014)
    Colombia is a war-torn society where an important number of conflict-related songs have been composed by victims at the grassroots level. In order to develop a better understanding of the scope of music as a tool for ...
  • The Making of a Cultural Icon: The Electric Guitar 

    Danaher, B (University of Exeter, 2014)
    This article investigates how products of material culture can become cultural icons. Employing ideas from the production of culture perspective, this research traces the historical process by which the electric guitar was ...
  • Retelling, Memory-Work, and Metanarrative: Two Musical-Artistic Mediations for Sexual Minorities and Majorities in Tokyo 

    Nakamura, M (University of Exeter, 2014)
    Music is not only something to play, but it is also a way to produce a new sharable metanarrative through musical practice, which could represent a renewed set of social values in which people of diverse backgrounds are ...
  • Beyond Decoding: Art Installations and Mediation of Audiences 

    Farkhatdinov, B (University of Exeter, 2014)
    This article uses case studies of visual art installations to elaborate an alternative view of the way art is experienced by museum and gallery visitors. In particular, it is argued that the orthodox and influential decoding ...
  • Editorial 

    MAiA Editorial Team (University of Exeter, 2014)
    After a brief hiatus, it is our pleasure to welcome you back to Music and Arts in Action (MAiA), published by the Sociology of the Arts (SocArts) research group at the University of Exeter, UK. In this general issue, we ...

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