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  • The Modern Idea of Creativity and its Influence on Music Therapy 

    Wakao, Y (University of Exeter, 2016)
    In recent years, improvisation has been recognized as one of the most important tools for music therapy. Several accounts have been made concerning the importance of improvisation, each from a particular music therapists ...
  • Playing with Distinction? Music Therapy and the Affordances of Improvisation 

    Procter, Simon (University of Exeter, 2016)
    In the United Kingdom (UK), improvisation seems to be regarded as central to, and even defnitional of, the practice of music therapy. This article considers reasons why improvisation might be professionally prized in ...
  • Keywords in Musical Free Improvisation 

    Bergstroem-Nielsen, C (University of Exeter, 2016)
    This article presents some keywords and concepts concerning free improvised music and its recent developments drawing from ongoing bibliographical research. A radical pluralism stems from musicians' backgrounds and the ...
  • Musical Improvisation and the Academy 

    Stewart, J (University of Exeter, 2016)
    Academic interest in musical improvisation has increased signifcantly in recent years. This is evidenced not only by the increasing number of publications focused on improvisation, but also by the growing number of ...
  • Editorial: Improvisation Among the Discourses 

    Stewart, J (University of Exeter, 2016)
    Tis Special Issue of Music and Arts in Action (MAiA) is a collection essays that began as talks that were delivered at the 2010 symposium, “Flirting with Uncertainty: Improvisation in Performance”, that was organized by ...
  • The Otoasobi Project: Improvising with Disability 

    Numata, Rii (University of Exeter, 2016-03-18)
    This video features excerpts from improvised performances of The Otoasobi Project of Kobe, Japan. The performance footage include "Oto-no-Shiro", "Oto-no-Umi", and "Oto-no-Kikiippatsu".
  • Creating A Dialogue through Improvisation in Cross-cultural Collaborations 

    Sanderson, Griselda (University of Exeter, 2016)
    These recordings are presented as outcomes of research investigation on the role of improvisation as dialogue between oral music practitioners from different cultures, comparing modes of practice between the subject of ...
  • Spontaneous Lux: Freestyling in Hip Hop Dance and Music 

    Fogarty, Mary (University of Exeter, 2016)
    This essay and the accompanying video documentary explore "freestyling" (improvising) in hip hop culture, focusing in particular on a Canadian b-boy (breaking) crew called the Albino Zebrahs, which distinguishes itself ...

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