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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    15 February 2019The always-not-yet / always-already of voice perception: training towards vocal presence  Thomaidis, K
    7 December 2018Biyi Bandele’s Theatre of the Afropolitan Absurd  Pearce, M
    1 January 2016The Council Estate as Hood: SPID Theatre Company and grass-roots arts practice as cultural politics  Beswick, K
    10 December 2019Enacting Community on Dartmoor: MED Theatre’s Badgerland: A Dartmoor Comedy (2015) and the spatial praxis of community theatre  Schaefer, KV
    2015Introduction: Voice(s) as a method and an in-Between  Thomaidis, K
    2014Kwame Kwei-Armah's African-American Inspired Triptych  Pearce, M
    30 September 2018The Lost Art of Agitprop and The Return of Socialist Praxis  Hillman, RA
    2015Musicianship above all? New perspectives on training towards integrated bel canto performance  Thomaidis, K
    2020A phonotechnics of vocal somaticity: an autobiophonic note  Thomaidis, K
    2015Placebos, caring and healing in rheumatology  Dieppe, P; Marsden, Debbie; Goldingay, Sarah
    22 May 2015The re-vocalization of logos? Thinking, doing and disseminating voice  Thomaidis, K
    2014Singing From Stones: Physiovocality and Gardzienice's Theatre of Musicality  Thomaidis, K
    28 November 2019Sites of Performance and Circulation  Newey, KM
    2007Theatrical modernism: a problematic  Ley, Graham
    12 April 2013The vocal body  Thomaidis, K
    12 December 2017Voice: Forensics & Performance  Thomaidis, K
    2015What is Voice Studies? Konstantinos Thomaidis  Thomaidis, K
    1 August 2016‘Why then the world’s mine oyster / Which I with sword will open’. Africa, diaspora, Shakespeare: Cross-cultural encounters on the global stage  Pearce, M