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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 January 2015Adaptations of Joyce in the Fiction of Patrick McCabe  McWilliams, EM
    2019American-Irish Literary Relations  McWilliams, EM
    2018Badger  Feaver, J
    29 June 2019Beckett's Disabled Language  Salisbury, LA
    2020Becoming Medium: Whitman, Circulation, and Care  Riley, PJ
    1 May 2018'Bliss was it in that shirt to be alive': Connecting Romanticism and New Romanticism through dress  Bernhard Jackson, EA
    2021Cameras  Carver, B
    4 December 2013The Challenge  Feaver, J
    2020Depressing Time: Waiting, Melancholia, and the Psychoanalytic Practice of Care  Salisbury, L; Baraitser, L
    31 August 2018Diasporic and Transnational Writing 1950-present  McWilliams, EM
    24 October 2018Dickens’s Global Circulation  Gagnier, RA
    6 July 2016Draining the Irish Channel: Identity, Sustainability, and the Politics of Water  Groom, N
    2020'The dung-beetle's snowball': the philosophic narcissism of Claude Cahun's essay-poetry  Gee, F
    1 October 2018Enter Mercury, Sleeping: Delivering Prayers on the Early Modern Stage  Preedy, CK
    2016‘Fishing after News’ and the Ars Apodemica: The Intelligencing Role of the Educational Traveller in the Late Sixteenth Century  Williamson, E
    20 November 2018Front matter to Literatures of Liberalization: Global Circulation and the Long Nineteenth Century  Gagnier, R
    2016Fugitive Pieces: Print and Prince  Pollard, N
    2020Gender Equality in British Filmmaking: Research, Targets, Change  Cobb, S; Williams, LR
    2021Genres of Production and the Production of Genre: Gender, Genre and Technical Labour in the Production of the Classical Hollywood Musical in the Arthur Freed Unit  Hanson, H
    1 July 2017The Global Circulation of Victorian Actants and Ideas: Liberalism and Liberalization in the Niche of Nature, Culture, and Technology  Gagnier, Regenia